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A little man and the bad wolf
by Thanos Kalamidas
2007-01-18 10:04:50
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He is a little man, angry with everybody and sure that he has all the solutions for every problem. He simplifies everything and blames others constantly. He talks about the good old times that he never lived or he tries to forget the youth with a loud voice because he’s based in the fears of the average little man worrying over an uncertain financial future. He sees a world he cannot understand, since the lines he was familiar with don’t exist anymore. How often do you see that?

A man that thinks nobody does his job right. When he was young, the elders never gave him enough space to expand what he thought were his unique talents and now he is old he doesn’t get the respect he was expecting to come with the age, so he blames the times that have destroyed the youth. He's a little man who served his country from his little desk and now complains constantly about the missing bravery; a man who all his life was a civil servant, safe salary, safe retirement, safe five days a week, eight hours a day, winter and summer with sure summer holidays in a little place who is complaining about the youth that talks about unemployment.

He's a little man who never moved an inch from his little desk, bowing always to anybody who was his superior and secured his little kingdom pandering anybody who would endanger his status quo. He’s complaining about the new times where the youth is not ready to take any chance for a job, even if that means four or five wasted years in university and swapping those qualifications to wash plates in a take-away pizza place. He's a little man who occasionally realizes that he cannot always blame the youth and the socialists for everything that goes on in his little blind vision of life, so he blames the foreigners. How often do you see that?

He is a little man that cannot see that he is part of the problem and that this numb society is a result of his numb attitude; a little man who travels abroad to see that only his home is the best in the world because the eggs taste better fried and that the clouds have a whiter color. A little man that marvels the glance he gets from the televised reality shows and the soap operas, plus he thinks that this is the reality that surrounds him.

The little man tries to do everything he can to protect his little world that he sees falling in pieces between the dramatized television news, the reality shows and politicians who ask for his vote based upon all these little fears. And he votes Le Pen, and he votes George W. Bush, people who express their little fears because they are little men themselves enslaved by all these very same little fears.

And then you get the other side, the mainstream parties who need all these little men and women since they are the main part of our urban society, but they need to alarm them with the biggest fear. The fear of the ugly past. They need to remind them of the occupation; they need to remind them of the hunger and the death. They need to remind them of the bad times and that it will never happen again, and for that they need all these little men like Le Pen and George W. Bush to remind them that the boogieman has a face and teeth, even though most of the time their teeth are fake and made just to scare little people.

Mr. Le Pen announced very optimistic his candidacy for the next presidential elections in France. He did so showing his new shiny sharp teeth like the bad wolf and one thing is for sure: the only ones who had a party following this announcement were the French conservatives and socialists. You see in both cases neither Nicolas Sarkozy nor Segolene Royal were good bad wolves when Le Pen is perfect!

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