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Following orders
by Thanos Kalamidas
2007-01-09 13:27:02
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It's so sad to see something coming true that was going around in your mind all the time. It is sad to see that they couldn’t even hold themselves for a few months not to mention days. Now we know that their hurry to commit a crime was just because they wanted to cover a series of crimes.

Saddam was sentenced to death charged with the death of 148 Shia Muslims in the town of Dujail, but he escaped any charges for the deaths of over 100,000 dead Kurds, for the use of chemical weapons and mass murder. And probably that was just…part of the whole genocide he committed.

I have written often that I cannot see the line that separates a mass murder from genocide, and I don’t know what consists of genocide. 100 dead? 1,000 dead or maybe a million dead. How does it happen to have genocide in Rwanda and not with over a million dead Armenians in Turkey? Is this because Turkey refuses to recognize this regrettable part of her history or because the same countries, which charged Rwanda with genocide, have financial and military interests in Turkey that make them avoid this kind of uncomfortable question?

Most of all, I don’t understand why in Iraq they wanted to cover up, in such an obvious way, something so apparent! Is it because of the Sunni? Saddam was a Sunni himself, and they are still so strong, so maybe it was a necessity for the stability of Iraq therefore they should stop the hunting. Does that mean that the real guilty parties will escape punishment or does this mean that nowadays in Iraq the Shias count more than the Kurds?

By dropping the case, does that mean that chemical-Ali is going to walk free? Is this how they are going to build the new democratic Iraq, on lies? I’m often going back in history, but at the end of WWII during the Nuremberg trials everyone of the accused said the same thing, “I was following orders!” Are we going to see it again in Iraq after fifty years?

Hitler was dead, so they could easily blame everything on him. There was a difference in Hitler’s case: Hitler committed suicide. In Iraq’s case, they killed Saddam in the most inhumane way. So guess what next…"I was following orders!" Who can say anything to oppose that? The one who was supposedly giving the orders is dead! Sorry, killed in the most embarrassing way.

I often use the sentence, in the most embarrassing way because the word 'embarrassing' not only applies to the Iraqi government, but to everybody who contributed towards this crime and that equally includes the Americans, the British, the Arabs and also Iran.

Obviously, that leaves the Kurds out of the celebrations and, furthermore, it leaves the families of the 100,000 - and who knows how many more - without cause for celebration, since their loved ones were murdered because people were just “following orders”.

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Sand2007-01-09 10:08:28
This is a serious problem in human civilization and not easily solved if at all. Would you suggest that someone in a strict regime, military or otherwise, sacrifice his or her own life rather than follow a brutal order? This is not a theoretical question.

Rinso2007-01-09 20:24:36
Even in democratic societies it is necessary to protect whistle blowers from their superiors and colleagues. Those in a strict regime end up dead or in the best case as refugees.

by2007-01-09 21:12:50
The history of Mankind is just that --- to stand up against injustice. And yes, countless, nameless people have. And countless, nameless people will also have to do so in the future. That too is the history of Mankind --- nothing changes.

Thanos2007-01-11 19:19:15
Sand, there are examples in history where men did what they conscience told them and they didn’t ‘follow orders’ and that from the very old times.

Rinso, I agree!!! That’s something we see often the last decades especially from the middle east where former ministers of information they became refugees in the west. My question is, are they innocent? They could not have reacted while all the crimes happened? And how can they now pretend that they were opposing the whole thing while representing it?

Anonymous, sad it is!!! But, it is true indeed!

by (bohdan)2007-01-11 21:26:20
Thanos, the true quality of courage is based on innocence and the altruistic sacrifices made for the benefit of mankind --- it is indeed a fading quality.

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