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State of lies
by Bohdan Yuri
2007-01-09 16:08:27
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We have been living in a state of lies ever since Bush assumed the Presidency. Granted all administrations have lied at some level, but the trend in this administration has spread like a cancerous plague, leaving no one safe from the Republican virus of deceit.

The news media can write articles and voice opinions about how President George W. Bush and his cronies have lied about this and that - In fact, what took them so long to realize that. But, this still means nothing. Such revelations of Truth have become the back and forth cackle of gossiping spin masters signifying nothing, as nothing has changed.

Hypocrisy has enjoyed a stable home in the Republican state of mind. Unfortunately, it has also cost thousands of innocent lives. And will continue to bring home more coffins of brave soldiers who are being used as fodder for delusional vanity.

To stop this near psychotic mania the real deal will finally surface only when one reporter, that first one, upon being chosen by President Bush to ask a question at one of his press opportunities, stands up and summons the Strength and Courage to ask, " Mr. President, when you lied about...!" Or, at the very least... “Mr. President, were you lying when you said that you always listened to what your Generals and Commanders had recommended...?” --- And with a follow up to address his evasiveness as it is sure to be offered instead of the Truth.

That's what it will take --- before the rest of them will do the same. It's time for someone to say that the Emperor has no clothes to his face.

That's also when the evidence for "IMPEACHMENT" will be brought forth before the American Public, as it should be for such crimes, and that's when it will mean something. Now we only hear the Truth as it is, "...twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools." (Kipling)

Just as Republicans, with the help of the media frenzy, constantly accused Clinton of lying about his "private life", that "lie" brought the Public into play, so can the Press bring out the Truth in Bush's hierarchy? And let's put Bush and Cheney under oath as well. Only then, will the Wisdom of Truth find its place in our great land.

Until then, lying continues to be the United States government's national pastime. We have come to expect it. We take it for granted. We kill and die for it. And the shadows of sadness remain our constant companions..


So far, no one!

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G Reynolds2007-01-12 11:33:51
While your writing style is good this piece is designed to incite not to educate or inform. How do we know your telling the truth? You write this vague piece inferring you are a US citizen. What truth are you asking for, and why are you innominate yourself. Your inductive argument provides numerous fallacies creating an unsound argument. When writing next time please provide a sound argument as well as a biography so the reader can understand what perspective you are writing from.

by2007-01-27 07:04:34
Yes it is.

And it simply asks:

So far, no one!"

The lies are evident --- the proof is there for anyone that looks for it.

George Bush is a Liar, fact.

He has already admitted to one lie --- Rumsfeld's resignation. Why not confront him about all of his lies.

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