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My spaghetti global warming
by Thanos Kalamidas
2007-01-09 09:52:53
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It is January and I’m writing from Helsinki, Finland. I live just a few thousand kilometers from the North Pole and less than a thousand from the Arctic Circle; it is only weeks since Santa Claus supposedly made his trip on his sleigh and … my garden still has grass!

How natural is it for me to go out in my garden at the beginning of January in Helsinki and see that I probably need to cut the grass soon? It’s only days since we all saw in the media all around the world picture of the enormous piece of ice that broke off an island in the Canadian arctic, a piece of ice casting an ice floe with an area of 66 square kilometers; a size bigger than Manhattan and it has started it slow journey into the ocean.

Photo taken by Linda Lane - www.wonderlane.com This is not some kind of Titanic scare script, it is reality and it doesn’t matter what the scientists say it seems that we are forgetting what global warming is doing to us. How do you think I feel in the morning when I pick my coffee cup, step out in my garden wearing a t-shirt while the temperature is around 7 degrees Celsius plus? If you live in Athens you probably think that this is somehow normal, well I don’t! I don’t live in Athens, I don’t live in Madrid, I don’t live in Milan; I live in Helsinki and I should never go out this time of the year in my t-shirt and wonder what the hell I should do with this grass.

A couple of years ago I had visitors from Greece for Christmastime and the temperature around those days had reached –27C in Helsinki and where my green grass now sits was a small mountain of snow and a snowman with an orange carrot for a nose. The funniest thing was that my visitor refused to step out of the house despite our efforts to show her from the window that people were walking on the street. Her argument was that…people die at these temperatures.

I’m not going to talk about global warming; I have done it too often here at Ovi magazine and other magazines; now I’m going to talk about spaghetti! I’m serious. I have a problem that I’m sure you will find very…common! “What do you fancy for dinner tomorrow night?” You suggest some spaghetti with tomato sauce? “Perfect!” Please don’t tell me you never had this conversation before?

You go to sleep dreaming of spaghetti bolognese, you go to work the next day thinking about tonight’s meal, and then you come home to… the best salmon steak, with a fantastic cheese sauce and warm garlic bread. Your reaction is disappointment. Where the hell is my spaghetti? What happened to the beautiful tomato sauce? Your expectations have been ruined.

Now extend this feeling to my garden! Every morning I wake up and the first thing I check is the snow. I’m even dreaming that I have to shovel the snow and dig a small path. Instead, I am seeing green grass! Disappointment!

Finland is one of the countries where people often suffer from the Seasonal Depression as a result of the dark winters and the lack of sunlight; imagine if you add to that the lack of snow. However strange it sounds and only people who have lived in Arctic countries can understand this, the snow brings light; a pale beautiful orange yellow light and this year that has gone! So, every morning I find myself cursing all the industrial countries in three languages and then screaming, “Where is my bloody spaghetti?”

Photo taken by Linda Lane - www.wonderlane.com

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Asa2007-01-11 12:00:37
Are you happy now?

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