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Ovi nominated for Grands Prix award
by The Ovi Team
2007-01-05 16:03:11
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Two years of hard work has been generously recognised by the jury of the prestigious Newropeans Magazine via their annual awards whose list of past winners include Eurosport, the European Space Agency, EUobserver.com, Cafe Babel, the European Court of Human Rights, Everyone's a citizen, baby (A People's EU Constitution), and Skype.

Ovi magazine was nominated in the first category 'Citizenship - Information' along with Sitécon, a site of economy which modestly proposes to contribute to a better comprehension of the economy for everyone, and Le courrier des Balkans, which seeks to make known, in the French language, information and analyses of the democratic press of the Balkans.

Nomination for the ten awards were submitted between July and September 2006, and then a jury of around 1,000 actors of the European civil society coming from 25 States voted online. The jury included representatives from universities, schools, regions, cities, associations, foundations, media and companies, of different ages and professions, and they had to register in order to eligible to vote.

These awards have been running annually since 2003 and are designed to reward the actors (people or organisations) behind the democratisation of the EU. These awards represent a double premiere in EU history in terms of European awards as they intend to highlight through three different aspects the essential link between European construction and democracy seen from three angles:

1. by rewarding the actors of this European democratisation:
2. by having the winners elected by representatives of the European civil society:
3. by considering democratization a very concrete process involving European mobility, accessibility and conviviality:

Unbeknown to the Ovi team, we had been nominated and by the time it had come to our attention the voting had closed, but that meant that we only had to wait a couple of days to discover how we had fared. We received 29% of the vote meaning that we were second. Le courrier des Balkans deservedly claimed 49% of the vote with its highly political site and Sitécon came third with 22%.

The Ovi team are proud of its contributing team over the past two years for allowing us to be even considered as a nominee against a variety of excellent sites online. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our team once again and express our gratitude to Newropeans Magazine, an independent magazine developed for the exchange of views on the future of a democratic Europe, for acknowledging our presence on the web.

All we have left to say is that we will be increasing our efforts to be nominated once again next year and our dedication to the Ovi project is stronger than ever. Ovi is a democratic magazine and it invites you to participate in any way you feel comfortable. It is a platform to share opinion and promote positive discussion, so get on board because we know that this is only the first recognition of our vision.



Le Courrier des Balkans
(Citizenship - Information)

(Action Citoyenne)

Institut Européen des Itinéraires Culturels
(Youth & Education)

(Services, Recherche & Technologie)

(Congeniality: Culture)

Avenir Nepad International

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Frank2007-01-04 10:50:26
Congrats! Always nice to get some recognition!

Eva2007-01-04 11:58:57
Great news!!!


Alan2007-01-04 12:30:41

Simon2007-01-05 19:27:35
Keep up the hard work!

I read your mag often, but never feel I can leave a comment good enough! This is my first time. Hope it is ok!

Thanos2007-01-07 11:25:08
Thanks a lot!!!
Simon you are welcome to write as well if you feel so!!!

Ergotelina2007-01-07 14:54:40
olen iloinen!!Jag är glad!!

Onnittelu Onnittelu!!!

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