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It Is the Voice of the Dissenter....
by Leah Sellers
2015-01-08 11:38:41
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What has brought Humanity the greatest and most Transformative individual and collective, internal and external, Ideated Realizations and
Cultural Shifts ? 
It is the Voice of the Dissenter !
The Satirist, the Humorist, the Cartoonist, the Playwright, the Screenwriter, the Author, the Essayist, the Journalist, the Artist who Dares us - who prods us to Think and Feel.  To Think and Feel Oppositionally.  To Think and Feel Analytically and Critically. To Think and Feel Offensively or Defensively.  To Think and Feel Humorously.  To Think and Feel Differently or more  Ingeniously Inventive about SomeThing.
It is the Voice of the Dissenter that pricks the Conscience of Humanity - that stirs the Phoenix of Renaissance and Transformation.  It is the Voice of the Dissenter that throws a glaring Light onto Actions and Non-Actions which hold Humanity back or down.
It is the Voice of the Dissenter that leads his or her Peoples out of the Deserts of InFertility and into the Promised Lands of endless Possibilities of Being and Doing.  Not the Conformist.  Not the Terrorist.
Terrorism is nothing new.  It has always been with Humanity.  The Voice of the Dissenter is nothing new.  It, too, has always been with Humanity.  But when the Pages of History are written or carved into stone or blogged into the ethersphere of the Cloud, who is it that is Best and Most Re-Membered ?
Who is most Revered and Respected ?  The Dissenter.
The Voice of the Dissenter is the real Mover and Shaker of the World.  The Voice of the Dissenter is the Heart, Mind and Soul of the Great Ideas and Movements which give Birth to and Kinetic Creative Energies to Great Nations.
Terrorists are blundering Sons and Daughters of tornadic torture, murder and Chaos, imprisoning Humanity in a barren Past begging for a Transcendent Reformation.  The Ideas, Art and Speech of the Dissenters are the Divining and Discerning Voices and eventual Creative Shapers of a far reaching and burgeoning Future.
Viva la Charlie !  Viva la France !  Viva la democracy !  Viva la Dissent !

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