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Happy New Year
by Thanos Kalamidas
2015-01-01 13:45:27
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Traditions want to start the New Year with resolutions. Will “peace on earth” work? What about “food and water for everybody,” would that work?

So let’s start with simple wishes before we get to resolutions.  And let’s make them personal so they can also be worthy.

2015_400Health. Unfortunately it takes age or an incident to appreciate good health and how much you can do to keep healthy. Another lesson you also learn afterwards is that money and good will cannot buy health. So, take care of yourselves and make sure that you are strong and healthy.

The ancient Greeks used to say (in a very liberal translation) that next to a healthy spirit keep a healthy body. So paraphrasing the above and adjoining it with the health; keep your spirit always healthy. A healthy spirit is equally important for a healthy life.

Happy moments there are few, so enjoy them and appreciate them and most importantly enjoy them with company. The company of loved ones.

Finally I wish to all of you something that I keep as a motto for my life. You might not know what you want but make sure that you know what you don’t want.

And you never know, if we could all keep those simple things then we might as well manage peace on earth and food and water for everybody. Sometimes the best things come the simplest way.

So, happy new year everybody. Let’s bring hope back in our hearts and let hope motivate us for a better year.

Happy 2015

Thanos Kalamidas


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