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A Story of Love and Light
by Leah Sellers
2014-12-27 13:10:56
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A Story of Love and Light
The Brightest Star in the Heavens
Seen by Three Sages and Mages
Still radiates through the Ages
Upon Culturally wind blown Ancient Pages
A Story of Love and Light
A Child born
In a Manger of Wood and Straw
To two Wanderers who Beheld in Apprehension and Awe
The Beacon of Love and Light for One and All
While the ox, donkey, cattle and sheep
Looked on quietly
Chewing slowly on cuds
Watching the Baby of Hope and Renewal sleep
A Quiet Birth
By Inconsequential People of Future Consequence
Amidst the whispered Cooing
Of an humble Mother pursuing
What was Best for her Blessed Babe
For though the Three Sages and Mages
Brought Gifts of Spices and Gold
in Prayerful and Celebratory stages
The Greatest Gift to Humankind
Lay within the poverty of a Manger
Within a dusty Stable owned by Strangers
A Story of Humanity’s Glory - of Love and Light
To Help dispel All Shades of the Night
All Cares and Despairs
All Planetary miseries and plights
A Child of the Rising Sun
A Child of Love and Light
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

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