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10 Years, WOW!!!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2014-12-20 13:26:28
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The best way to put it, is: WOW! Ten years! I really want to avoid all kind of clichés but …WOW! Big thing ten years for an online magazine, huge thing.

I said that I will try to avoid clichés, but even Asa and I could never believe - when we started, the way we started and under the circumstances we started - that it would come a day we would celebrate Ovi’s tenth birthday. It is also amazing, despite the fact that is often said, how much Ovi is part of our lives. For bad or good.

Asa and I have lived unbelievable moments with Ovi those ten years. Ovi not only became part of our lives but there were moments that it interfere with our lives. But ten years. WOW!!!

Out of all the e-zines we found when we started, none of them exist anymore. Out of all the e-zines we “met” these ten years, cooperated, linked, exchanged articles, ideas, technical knowledge; very few still exist. And Ovi is there, steadily increasing its readership, slowly but steadily becoming a reference to other sites, magazines, forums (online and printed) and I was surprised to find a few weeks ago that for some Ovi is a legend.

A legend because ten years in the internet, especially the speed internet moves and grows, is like centuries in real life.

We also had our share of bad times to really bad times. I think one reason, perhaps the main, we survived everything has to do with the fact that we didn’t change all this time. We stood to our principals and we didn’t move an inch from them. Whatever the cost. And there was cost. Even to our personal lives.

Aside from the readership the number of contributors also increased. More variety of opinions and ideas. More variety to subjects, from philosophy to poetry and sports, from contemporary politics to history and illustrations. Over 12,000 articles; from illustrations to photographs and from poems to short stories over 18,000 links. Ovi has become a library of ideas.

Do you know what’s amazing? When we started with Asa, we tried to cover every possibility or idea that might come on the way. There is another 50% of the magazine that is invisible till the right times comes, to activate it. To give you an idea, Le Meteque, the inner magazine in Ovi focusing in more local issues has been barely activated all these years waiting for the right time. The radio went through phases but with the new year something new might come.

But ten years! WOW!

Asa and I try to do our best and we have our hiccups sometimes. The only excuse and reason is the fact that we are also doing everything on top of a variety of other obligations and please never forget that to keep a magazine the size of Ovi with all the practical and often technical problems, the hackers and the trolls, the legalities and aesthetics is a full time job.

First in order is a big thank you to all of you who contribute day after day, all voluntarily and always ready to expose ideas and opinions. What’s fantastic about this team of people is the fact that despite disagreements there is a feeling of a family. Occasionally dysfunctional but I suppose that makes it also interesting.

Then a big thank you to the readers. I have to admit that this has been the heaviest weight in editing Ovi magazine; the responsibility to the thousands from all around the world who read the magazine day after day. In those hard days I mentioned before it was also these readers that kept us going on.

Two years ago I was on holiday in Greece with my daughter. Beautiful summer morning in a terrace with fantastic view in the Aegean Sea and everybody in a holyday mood. I’m sitting in a small table, my laptop connected with my mobile telephone and suddenly I hear my daughter saying loud: please be quiet, my dad is putting Ovi online now. That’s how much Ovi has become part of our lives.

Last but not least, a big thank you to my best friend, co-editor, co-conspirator and despite the distance and the circumstances that separate us the last two years, my companion, Asa!

Please join us to celebrate Ten Years of Ovi Magazine!


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Asa2014-12-20 13:46:28
What more can I add? I guess just another 10 Years, WOW!!!

Emanuel Paparella2014-12-20 15:18:51

Leah Sellers2014-12-20 18:41:14
Thanos, you and your Crew and your Vision for and within OVI are the Wow in the Wow of what you and OVI Represent and Bless all of your Readers and Contributors with, dear Sir ! Thank you !

Nikos Laios2014-12-21 05:45:41
Congratulations on a massive achievement and commitment;and for being a voice of clarity in this relativist,philistine and instrumentalist age for knowledge,wisdom and a platform for nurturing new voices and talent .

bohdan2014-12-21 09:12:44
...Yes, most definitely, Thank You Both.

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