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Castro's resurrection
by Thanos Kalamidas
2007-01-03 08:18:51
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Somehow I love that, it is like a time machine or better a time flashback! Back in 70s when somebody was getting seriously ill among the leadership of the soviet union the Russian news agencies used to push photos of the person …healthy and active and then a month later you would find out that he or she was …dead!

It even happened with the then General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev, who was dead for days and the soviet news kept showing him active, giving speeches and participating in events. You have to admit that Christians discover resurrection but communists made it practice! Every time the Russian media had a picture with Brezhnev participating in anything, and that was going on for months, the western media had a medical report. A whole army of medical specialists were going on about his face color, the way he walked, a small detail on his face. Most of the time these footages or photos were a …decade old.

The best of all came the last four days, when as it was proven later Brezhnev was really dead and there were all short of speculations going around the media agencies, some of them even talking about a new discovery of soviet medicine or even better one that said that they were going to cryogenic him and wake him me up in all important meetings. I mean nowadays you read all this and you probably think that it is part of a comedy script …well it had been a comedy script a lot of times but please believe me all that was true back then.

Well, back then? Another protagonist from the Brezhnev’s era is here to remind us …never say never again! Fidel Castro! The man on Mondays has cancer, on Tuesdays he’s partying with the nurses, on Wednesdays he’s dead and on Thursdays he’s rehearsing his next five hours speech, at the weekends he’s rolling cigars!

I like Fidel and please I don’t want to be misunderstood, I know about his crimes and his mistakes and of course I’m not a Cuban, my Cuban experience lasted a couple of weeks and had mainly to do with music, rum and cigars so I cannot have a personal opinion on how bad things are in Cuba, but I still think of Fidel as a very unique character, the rebel, the revolutionary who inspired generations, and I mean generations of romantic youth.

And I know that this will sound cruel somehow, but I hope this will continue for a bit more; I mean I really like all these analysis I read on how ill he is and how specialists can see that from his photos and the same time the Cuban television shows footage of their leader wearing sport clothes and eating a …birthday cake!!!

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identitycafe2007-01-05 04:55:28
Nice story. The interesting part is though when you say: i know about his crimes but i like him!
You really consider Fidel as revolutionary? His regime of 40+ years has all the features of a dictatorship!
I dont think because of foolish american policy we should give credit to a dictatorial regime, no matter how appealing his cigars and early personna may look like!

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