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Shut Down This Town !
by Leah Sellers
2014-12-14 12:32:50
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Shut Down This Town !
Shut Down this Town !
Shut Down This Town !
The Republicans have won the Congressional Day
And the Tea Partiers Rule
And they Say
Shut Down This Town !
We represent the 1%ers (who won’t get hurt)
And their haughty gene pool
And they Say
Shut Down This Town !
Washington D.C., that is
Because We love pounding our Chests
Throwing our Weight around
And pound for pound
Dollar by Dollar
We will Shut Down this Town !
And the rest of the Nation, too
We’ll give the dwindling Middle Class
And the Rabble something to Protest
And Whine about in our Nation’s Streets
We’ll Not help to stimulate and create Jobs
And a Day’s Fair Pay !
Instead we’ll offer them
Empty and Broken Promises
And Bitter Treats
They must accept the Bones we throw their measly Way
Because We refuse to Work
For the Country as a Whole
Because we have other Agendas and Greeds to Machinate and Meet
And the Global CEO’s who fill up our Hogwash Troughs
And pay their Political, Judicial
And Economic Lackeys Ways to Riches and Power
Have but to blink or nod
And a Black Hole Void of National Meaninglessness
Will open its gaping, ravenous maw
Beneath our weak Feet and Hearts of Clay
They would suck us up into
Their own version of a premature Judgment Day
So, Oh no !  We must Shut Down this Town !
And the Nation !
For the Tea Partiers
And their partners, cronies and cohorts
Who hate the very Government and Rabble
They supposedly Serve and Protect
And Stand their Ground
But for which and whom
They actually have no Feeling or Thought for at all -
No Respect  !
In fact, Which and Whom really matter Nothing at All
They are but Pawns-on-Strings
Knick-Knacks and Erasable Doodlings
What counts is assuming the Political, Judicial and Economic
Pushing and Prodding
Toward a rather dramatic and Dis-Couraging Fall
After Fall
After Fall……
Yes, we’re Intentionally/UnIntentionally 
Herding the 99%ers
Into another slogging Economic and Cultural Stall
Because, we can not allow Obama
To Prove himself to Be
An Effective and Conscientious Leader
During Difficult and Demanding Times
Or for the Opposing Team
To Create a More Just, Compassionate
Or Equal Cultural Society under the Law
It must not be allowed !
By a myriad of Ways and Means
The  99%er Rabble must be cowed !
And the National and Global CEO’s
In order to get and maintain
The Autocratic, Totalitarian
Feudalistic Mega-Corp and Mega-Bank Kingdoms
They have been implanting and metastasizing
So, hold on to your Mad Hatters Hats !
Because the Fooled, Propagandized and Biased
American Public Voted them In
‘Cause when the Economic Brakes are stomped on
Or once again be allowed to Run Amuck
They’ll continue to Play
Shut Down this Town !
Shut Down the Nation !
And possibly the World
For Political and Personal Gain and Aggrandizing Recreation !

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