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Corrupted police and the fascist Samaras
by Thanos Kalamidas
2014-12-08 11:57:22
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A month ago a professor gave a lecture in Athens police academy for the final year cadets, about tolerance and racism. In the room was also presented the administration of the school and all the responsible educators. Half way through the lecture one of the cadets stood up and he said to the lecturer that there was no reason for her to continue since nobody agrees to what she says. And then he proudly and under the cheering of the other cadets he screamed that he is a fascist.

gr03_400On December 6th 2008, a policeman - probably a graduate from the very same school - shot dead in cold blood a 15 year-old boy, Alexis Grigoropoulos. For years but especially the last few years under Samaras government, Greek policemen have hit nearly kill tens of young people in the streets of all Greek cities.  All policemen graduated from the very same school and obviously ideology.

They have attacked violently pregnant women, older people, MPs, kids, without any kind of discrimination. You have to admit that when it comes to who they beat, harass and violated every single human right and constitutional law, they make no discriminations.

But when it comes to intentionally hitting people, knowing that every single hit can cause a damage – there are plenty of examples of people been hit and carrying serious trauma including journalists and photographers – then we don’t have to do with an institution serving the people but with a criminal organization.

Even though I don’t have the best feeling for most of the police all around the world, I know better the Greek police. I think that it all starts with the fact that policemen all around the world are confused in what and who they serve. They don’t serve regimes, they don’t serve ideologies, they don’t serve individuals whatever their position might be; they serve the people. That’s what they should do. They don’t. They serve agendas and ideologies, they serve individuals and all that under the well-known Nazi excuse, “follow orders”

Two things now. “Follow” who’s orders and why an institution has transformed into a criminal organization in Greece.

To start with the later, everything in Greece starts with the end of the dictatorship in 1974. Actually it probably starts even further back, with the end of the civil war in 1949 but in 1974 the politicians had the chance to do something about it.

gr01_400The Greek dictatorship was based in two elements, the police and the army. After all the leadership of the coup were army officers. But it was the police that took over the torturing, the murdering and the hunt. Gradually the army returned to their barracks leaving the police to do all the dirty work. And they were really good. They used methods that would make the Inquisition die from envy. In the end of the dictatorship they left thousands of dead bodies behind them, a lot of them still missing.

The state and the democratic government that took over in 1974 tried to do a kind of clearance but in the name of the national unity they punished only the leadership. And since in the name of the national unity they didn’t arrest and expel also judges, most of the policemen and officers that ended in the court rooms, landed with light sentences and after a brief period they were out enjoying …democracy.

Clearance never came to the police. To be a policeman in Greece you had to be an extreme nationalist, definitely anti-communist, where communist was everything that didn’t idealized actively fascism and most of the time the imprisoned dictators. I said “you had”, wrong, you have to. After all, the cadet admitted it and nobody moved to stop him, not even the administration of the school despite the publicity the event took. He is still in the same school, getting ready to get a pistol in the next few months and go out in the streets of Athens to …enforce his fascism.

In the last general elections, in 2012 - shocking everybody - the Nazi Golden Dawn got 7% of the votes. After investigation researchers found out that in poll-stations where policeman voted and especially in some mainly policemen voted, the Nazi Golden Dawn got up to 97% of the votes. These people are now out in the streets to protect us.

When Pavlos Fysas was murdered from a gang of Golden Dawn members (under the instructions of the leadership since the young activist was targeted) the police that was parked nearby did …absolutely nothing, just watched. Despite evidence and witnesses, the police boycotted the whole investigation delaying the arrest of the murderer. And they did so knowing that they have the necessary political cover.

gr02_400Now we reaching the under who’s orders. First of all a whole system is responsible for arming the policeman who killed Alexis Grigoropoulos and Pavlos Fysas. A system that wants judges to serve for life and in the end inherited their seat to their sons and daughters; a system where nepotism dominates politics and prime ministers to violate laws, even constitutional laws, when they don’t work for their personal agendas and ideas.

And it is so provocative the involvement of all the above that during the investigation of the murder of the 15 year-old Alexis Grigoropoulos, the then minister responsible of the police said that the policeman felt that the boy was suspicious and as a prove he said that they had found out that when Alexis Grigoropoulos was 14 he made some anarchist comments in public. There is no comment here, stupidity is undefeated.

So it’s not just a police that has turned into a criminal organization “following orders” but a whole system; a state in this case that arms the policeman and gives him the bullet. This moment there is a young man, Nikos Romanos, in prison who is in his 23rd day of a hunger strike with already serious consequences to his health. His problem, he passed the university exams despite the fact that he was in prison (sentenced for arm robbery) and even though the law allows him to follow all the lesson and the classes the government forbids his right.

A small detail that makes all the difference. Nikos Romanos was Alexis Grigoropoulos’ best friend, witness to his murder and openly admitted anarchist. A 21 years-old boy. The government considers him dangerous that if he will be let to follow the lessons outside the prison he might …influence others, escape or turn to some kind of terrorist acts! That’s why they forbid him to follow the lessons and be outside his prison cell. Again stupidity is undefeated. If democracy is so scared of a 21 year-old who declares anarchist and wants to study then democracy has a serious problem.

Nikos Romanos is in prison serving a sentence for armed robbery not for a terrorist act but obviously Samaras and his government don’t care. What they care is to scare everybody, like a criminal organization, like the mafia in Hollywood films, that makes an example. And in this case they murder indirectly a 21 year-old boy who wants to study to make their example. Samaras is the last of a long line of authoritarian prime ministers in Greece but he is the worst because he is a fascist who has never hidden it for the ones who follow him the last forty years. He is a fascist that from pure luck and a series of bad coincidences for the Conservative Party, found himself in the office of the prime minster.

Directly or indirectly by ordering or letting others believe that they know what they want, Samaras and his gang of fascists who rule Greece this moment from the prime minister’s office, are responsible for a series of crimes and they are the ones to give the orders. Even with their silent tolerance and the background support. After all we should never forget that Hitler became chancellor through democratic elections.

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Emanuel Paparella2014-12-08 14:14:30
The above is quite an eye opener! It brings one back to what happened in Staten Island. Indeed, when a democracy violates human rights, it's on its way to some form of authoritarian dictatorship; it has happened time and again throughout human history and Plato warned us about it. It is possible to "democratically" condemn a Socrates to death. Socrates' prophecy stands nevertheless: "Gentlemen, the issue is not whether I live or die, for we all have to die. The issue is whether corruption, which is faster than death, catches up with you, and once she has caught up, she may not easily relinquish you." The verdict of history more than justify that famous statement.

Leah Sellers2014-12-08 16:49:02
Historical Time Periods of Economic and Cultural Dis-ruptions, UnCertainties and Fear always have a tendency to Produce the so-called Strong Arm (abusively applied) of the Law (military and police). Leaders from all sectors making bad Choices which eventually lead tosocial unrest and violence as they hunker down to Protect themselves from the poor Decisions made at the Sacrifice of their Duty, Honor and Integrity toward and due to their own People, Cities, States, Regions and Nations. This is an Insane Pattern which Needs to be Universally Faced and Transformed for the Betterment of All Humanity. Thank you, for this Heartfelt and Thoughtful Outcry, Brother Thanos.

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