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...of the year!
by The Ovi Team
2007-01-01 10:31:58
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Over the last few weeks I’ve been talking with Asa about the persona or the event of 2006. Together we suggested figures and events including the Pope Benedict, Saddam Hussein, the war in Somalia, Kofi Annan, HIV AIDS, Rwanda, any war, even Bono, David Beckham and the national Greek basketball team and their winning game over the American dream team for the World Cup, but in every case there was one thing in common and I’m not joking.

The Pope Benedict often caused controversy not with his words but with his actions that we are going to see them unveiled over the next few years. Understanding better than anybody else, the centuries experience in war and politics, the Vatican has sensed that there is a war between religions or better there is a war coming using religion as an excuse and the first move was to strengthen the Christian front. His visit to the Ecumenical Patriarch in Istanbul, despite all the effort from Turkey’s government to be misled, was just the beginning. Another big effort of the Vatican, joined by other Christian churches, was to return the youth to the churches.

Saddam Hussein’s crimes are unbelievable and as I mentioned in another article we will probably never find the whole truth since the Iraqi justice system practiced the capital punishment in a real rush leaving suspicions of a cover-up, but the pictures we will always remember are those of the dead kids poisoned by chemical weapons used by Saddam’s army in his conflict with the Kurds.

The war in Somalia is still leaving thousands of refugees behind and after so many years of war there is only a destroyed youth trying to survive between bombs and hunger. Here we don’t need photos, we see all these kids arriving in Europe day after day, and we see them in the streets walking next to us asking for a future, any future.

Kofi Annan didn’t do much for the world’s peace, even his unexcused Nobel Peace Prize, but he definitely reminded the Security Council that there are kids dying in Africa from war and HIV AIDS every minute. Since we are there, it seems that humanity nowadays pretends that there is no threat from HIV AIDS; the same way the ostrich hides its head in the sand. The latest victims are nations and kids, thousands of kids. Just like kids die in Rwanda and we’ve been reminded in many ways including a magnificent film.

Bono of U2, football player David Beckham and even Hollywood actor George Clooney spoke often about the suffering kids around the world. Personally I’m not sure for their motivations, but they did remind us that kids die and we can change it if we want.

The Greek basketball team has become a role model for two generations of Greek kids, keeping them away from drugs and alcohol and I’m really proud of them. Not for the silver medal they brought back from the world games, not for the gold from the European games, not for beating the almighty American dream team, but because they kept tens of hundreds of kids away from dark alleys and brought them under the lights of a basketball stadium.

You see, all these cases had one thing in common: Kids, youth, our kids. However cliché it may sound, the kids of the whole world are our kids and we are all equally responsible for them and the future we are going to hand them.

We are not doing very well. Thirty thousand kids die every single day. Thirty thousand kids die because there is no water and no food. Thirty thousand kids die from illnesses that have disappeared from the Western World for decades, thirty thousand kids die from HIV AIDS and thirty thousand kids die everyday because civilized domestic violence often brutalizes our civilization, and thirty thousand kids die everyday because grown ups fight over power!

Thirty thousand kids die everyday and…we do nothing! That’s why as Ovi magazine we could do nothing other than to remind you to do something, even the realization of what’s going on is doing something! That’s why we decided kids as the cover of the year for Ovi magazine.

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