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Jane of Thought: Drama Queen
by Jane Eagle
2007-01-02 10:24:20
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I reach to the point: The individuals get motivated by the goals that they set on their life-horizon. Too often hypocrisy constitutes one of the legitimate means; a fact which allows them to move maneuvers in the cyber-space plus to achieve the desirable expediencies.

If you are a sufficient hypocrite (meaning: you build satisfactorily the proper, for each circumstance, imaginary moral character) it’s so much easier to walk up the road. The road which can be labeled “have sex”, “find a companion”, “build a career”, “eat a banana”…

You read the “What I want” and “What I ask” written on the face of the person, who you tend to use, and you act verbally, “I am able to provide for you”. Keep someone happy is always the best way to do it.

“I am illiterate and I complain about not learning my language right. I will try to express myself however. I will try to think by all means too. I will also continue writing on paper and in Word and on the walls. You should stick up inside your nose the filter of logic like a tampon." – A blogger

I like the phrase: “You should stick up on your nose the filter of logic like a tampon.”

You can hardly ever find logic persons walking on Earth. And that’s because the adoption of logic is difficult and painful like when you try to place a tampon inside your nostril. If however this is attempted, the mind structure gets in order, the knowledge plus the morals get combined with the experiences. As a result the person is crystallized into a beautiful individual, able to think -first- and act -second.

Now the tricky point: Some-too many-times some-a lot of-people avoid the penetration of the tampon, yet on the other hand envy the prestige that adorns the rationalists of all seasons (bar Medieval Age - if you were fan of rationalism back then you would be adorned with fiery flames). So they weave and put on the persona of the rationalist person, the cerebral individual who can always weigh the amount of sentiment that is proper to be felt. The weaving method is the miming art.

It is not too hard to detect theeese people. It is not also too bad if you got convinced for their authenticity in the past. Here's the secret tip: Abuse of invocation in intellectual authority, no original thoughts. Still you will observe that their interests don’t diverge from the beaten track, the mainstream line that the intellectual populace carved. For an example: “Clockwork orange, wow, masterpiece, meaning beyond any mind borders ". They’ll never say: “Bergman’s Persona, aaaa, rotten rotten tomato", was that actually a movie?

Don't misconceive me though, I like Ingmar…

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fantina2007-01-09 13:18:31
It's all about misconception of reality, dear Jane.
I like your column very much.
Keep up the good work.

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