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Merry Christmas everybody!
by The Ovi Team
2006-12-27 08:08:45
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Before writing this wish and before deciding what we are going to do with our cover pages for the last week before Christmas, I have to admit that Asa and I often thought about our multicultural society and misunderstanding messages.

But then, how can you respect other cultures when you don’t respect your own symbols? Furthermore, Christmas has very little to do with Christianity as we pointed out with a series of articles in Ovi magazine. It has more to do with the message that comes with Santa Claus and the Christmas tree.

Peace on earth, that’s the major message, along with love, giving and not expecting in return, sharing, looking after kids; these messages become more and more contemporary in the age of wars and conflicts, terrorism and crime, and a time that 30,000 kids die every single day!

The message is ecumenical and beyond religion and its symbol is the Christmas tree and a mythical sweet old man all dressed in red driving a sleigh pulled by reindeer! Why does that scare people?

Most of all Christmas time has to do with our age of innocents, the period we did believe that peace can be on earth and nobody is going to spoil family warmth and this has not to do with Christianity alone, it has to do with everybody. After all, Santa Claus is getting letters from all around the world, from kids that grow up in environment that has nothing to do with Christianity and they serve other religions - trust us we know, we live just a few kilometers from Santa Claus’ workshop in Finland.

Politically correct or not, the kid inside us doesn’t really care, from our hearts we wish you all,


The Ovi team.

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