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The dangerous ally
by Thanos Kalamidas
2014-10-25 12:49:59
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While the world is trying to find ways to stop the Islamic Nation (IS) in Iraq and Syria, there is one who looks at the whole situation in a different way. He does act, but he acts the wrong direction bombing and hunting the only power on the ground that could defeat the IS, the Kurds.

The same time the same one decides to bully a neighbour nation trying to illegally take a cut of the new discover oil and gas reserves. Repeatedly threatens other neighbours indirectly, raising minority issues and the image of the international protector of the Muslims.

And that's just the beginning. The very same one elegantly doesn’t attack IS for the simple reason that he makes business with IS. In his mind priority has the overthrowing of the Syrian president Assad, not because Assad is a dictator who kills his people but because Assad and the support he occasionally offers to Hamas is an obstacle to his dreams for domination in the region. And IS is the most trustworthy enemy of al-Assad or at least he thinks that IS is a dnagerous ally he can manipulate through religion. Even though IS is a group of proven criminal murderers without doubt.

How do you call this one? Dangerous. Extremely dangerous! In Turkey they call him President and his name is Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. And Mr President with the help of an ultra-nationalist prime minister, who is dreaming the rebuild of the Ottoman Empire, Ahmet Davutoglu, and nearly 50% of the population bewitched by his populism and the dream of an earthly paradise were everybody is there to serve the blessed nation, shapes or at least he tries to shape, a new order not only in Middle East but the whole Mediterranean.

erdog01_400And that is only the external picture, because internally he might has the support of the 50% of the population but the other 50% has to live under an authoritarian leader who can imprison anybody who will say anything against him, even privately. A leader who hates freedom of speech and he thinks that there are many ways to explain human rights with his the only right one. A leader who does anything for his industrialists and banker friends, always accordingly to the bribe that will be deposited in his son’s bank account. A sultan from the darkest Arabian nightmares.

Erdoğan has change the whole juridical system in Turkey just to serve his will in violation of every EU laws. He imprisons opponents and shuts media that are against him in violation of every EU believe and criteria. Criteria because Erdoğan’s Turkey is a candidate country for a full EU membership. And this is only the beginning of the EU criteria and the EU laws Erdoğan’s Turkey violates provocatively.

In the meantime USA keeps arming Erdoğan’s Turkey, with the same weapons Erdoğan’s Turkey uses against the Kurds, the only real allies USA has in the region’s ground, the same weapons Erdoğan’s Turkey threatens foes and allies in the region. Actually NATO allies and full members of the EU.

EU also gives money to Turkey as a canddate country and to help reach the criteria. The criteria Erdoğan’s Turkey constantly violates. Gives money for agriculture, industrialization and social causes that find their way to Erdoğan’s corrupted regime. In the meantime the gap between the millions of poor and living under the limit of poverty in Turkey and the few rich billionaires, Erdoğan’s friends, is getting wider and wider.  

And Erdoğan is just the latest version; they have been a few alikes before. Bülent Ecevit, Mesut Yılmaz, Süleyman Demirel, Turgut Özal, just to name a few. All the same story. Different versions, different faces, the same stories. And nobody actually says anything. For 40 years Turkey occupies land of a European country, today full member of the EU, and nobody says anything. Erdoğan’s Turkey constantly violates every single UN directive regarding Cyprus and nobody says anything. Erdoğan’s Turkey bullios and threatens and nobody says anything. Erdoğan’s Turkey kills Kurds and nobody says anything. 


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