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Two candles: Make a wish! Two candles: Make a wish!
by Thanos K & Asa B
2006-12-20 08:23:13
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Two years old; can you believe it! Thanos and Asa certainly can’t, which is why they have produced this birthday issue PDF.

Contained within these pages are all the covers and all the cover stories from our seventeen monthly issues of the Ovi magazine beginning back in December 2004. This PDF is a stroll down memory lane, glimpses of the past, slices of nostalgia, well you get the picture.

Ovi magazine has also become known for its outrageous and innovative front covers, which is why for our second birthday issue we are honored to have one Miss Sarah Beetson design something out of the ordinary.

Sarah is an English fashion-based illustrator who lives and works in Melbourne, Australia, and her work reflects her energy and innovation. We are sure you agree that the energy of Ovi has been captured sensationally in our front cover. Thanks again, Sarah! You can see more of her work at www.illustrationweb.com/SarahBeetson

For the contents of the magazine we included the editorials from the very first issue that clearly express our dreams. The second issue was an alternative view of racism, followed by the third that was about women’s power and life. Issue number four featured crime, including genocide and wars, and then came the fifth about graduation, with articles about education and mainly life after graduation. The sixth was about parenthood, since Asa had just become a father and Thanos’ daughter was celebrating her first birthday. The seventh issue was about…luck!

Number eight was a pun with ‘ate’, so it was all about food, although we still have serious doubts whether anybody understood the joke; one thing for sure, many found it a taste issue. Issue nine was our first on religion because we feel that we have so many more things to say that another religion issue will come soon; we manage to cause some controversy though. Issue ten was more…academic and theoretical being about time and since we had become so theoretical we dived into computers in issue eleven.

Controversy became a buzzword at Ovi magazine, so issue twelve was about sexuality with some very…interesting articles that made Asa’s mother a bit worried! Issue thirteen was all about radio and introduced Thanos and Asa’s Ovi Bad Boys Radio Show that you can hear online via the special pages on the Ovi magazine front page.

Issue fourteen made us consider the difficulty of keeping all our promises, since all the difficulties found us during that period, and issue fifteen tackled boundaries because that is one of our biggest difficulties living as immigrants in a foreign country. Issue sixteen was dedicated to the people who worked so hard to copycat our ideas and finally our latest issue, number seventeen, was released just after we went daily; number 17 was a special for our blogger friends who help us so much.

17 cover stories, 17 covers, a few editorials and a few special bits are contained within the pages of our birthday issue, so sit back and imagine Thanos and Asa blowing out the candles on their huge chocolate chip chocolate cake covered with chocolate icing discussing the next issue of Ovi’s monthly PDF…what will it be?

Stick around and find out!

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