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Czech report
by Euro Reporter
2014-10-05 12:37:51
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Fertilizer factory in Bangladesh

Industries Minister Amir Hossain Amu on Tuesday said the Czech Republic has expressed its interest to establish an energy-saving urea fertilizer factory in Bangladesh. He said this while talking to reporters after a meeting with the Czech Republic Ambassador in Bangladesh Miloslav Stasek at the Secretariat, said a handout, according to a news agency.


Czech Republic: Rainy weather delays potato harvest

The Secretary of the Central Potato Association of the Czech Republic, Josef Králíčka, said that this year's potato yield is good, although growers are selling potatoes at low prices, partly due to higher import volumes in late spring. There are still cheap potatoes from last year's harvest, mainly from France, which local growers could not sell in Russia. "Now imports are not on the agenda," said Králíčka. "Czech growers are selling their produce for half the price compared to last year." According to Králíčka, sales of stored potatoes should improve early next year. 

Furthermore, as has been the case for other crops, the bad weather could have an impact on their quality. "If the rainy weather continues, it could of course have some impact on the potato harvest," said the Secretary of the Potato Association. The biggest threat in these circumstances is the appearance of fungus, which could affect the potatoes and cause significant losses. According to the growers, however, these warnings are still premature and unnecessary for the time being. 

"We come across a rotten potato every now and then, but otherwise we are harvesting potatoes in relatively good condition," said grower Josef Tulis, from Branišov. According to him, there is no need to worry, as "we were about halfway through the harvest by the time it started to rain. We would have needed about four more sunny days," Tulis said. Last year's potato harvest in the Czech Republic was the lowest in decades; the average yield was only 23 tonnes. According to estimates of the Czech Statistical Office, this year the yield per hectare should be of around 27 tonnes. "It is better compared to the five-year average yield, but it is not a record," said Králíčka. Due to the long-term decrease in the area of potato fields, the Czech Republic has not been self-sufficient for several years.


Czech Republic launches air defence radar tender

The Czech Ministry of Defence (MoD) launched international tender on 30 September for 3D mobile air defence radar (MADR) systems worth up to CZK1.7 billion (USD70 million). The MoD would like to procure at least five systems by the end of 2017 to replace Russian-designed P-37 (1RL139) 'Bar Lock' 2D air defence radar systems currently in service with the Army of the Czech Republic (ACR). These are considered to be obsolete and in urgent need of replacement. "The current P-37 systems have been obsolete for at least 10 years and are incapable of 24-hour operation without the risk of a serious malfunction," an MoD source close to the MADR procurement programme told IHS Jane's .

The MoD specified within its tender criteria that the first five units should be delivered within 18 to 24 months following the signing of a contract. Among the key criteria of the tender is that participants are either headquartered or have subsidiaries based in the Czech Republic and that domestic component suppliers be included in any consortium. According to Czech defence industry sources, the MoD would like the new 3D MADR systems to be mounted on Tatra 6x6 mobile platforms that are currently in service with the ACR. Sources close to the MoD have told IHS Jane's that BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin will be among the list of international companies interested in submitting bids.

The tender announcement puts an end to the hopes of the ReUNION consortium led by Czech electronics firm Retia to act as a sole-source supplier for a new 3D MADR system for the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia as part of a Visegrad 4 programme. "A number of problems were identified that continue to complicate a [potential] joint [V4] procurement and will require further co-operation to overcome. These, for example, include legislative procurement procedures of individual [member] states," read an official MoD press release.


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