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Georgie boy smiling
by Thanos Kalamidas
2014-10-04 08:15:56
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Even though wherever I look the last couple of weeks I find George Clooney waving at me, I try to avoid him. There is something I don’t like about him and since I’m not a woman I cannot judge how sexy or not he is. The man looks alright to me, he has both his eyes, both his arms, he looks normal and sadly I haven’t got the best idea about him in his profession.

I mean put George next to …let’s say Paul Newman, a famous heartbreaker actor of my generation, and I can come with a series of films that I could easily watch again. Ask me to name one of the films I saw Clooney and now after a lot of thought I remembered a Brothers Cohen film. But hey doesn’t matter where I look the last few days, Georgie is there waving and smiling at me.

I’m checking if IS has taken over Bagdad and here it is Georgie boy smiling, I’m checking what’s going on with the Ebola and Georgie boy shows me his new tie always smiling and waving at me. He is everywhere.

A couple of compatriots I met the other day reminded me that George Clooney and his now wife have defended Greece’s right for the return of the Parthenon marbles from the British museum. I have to admit that was a consolation somehow. The last two centuries, hundreds of professors from Cambridge and Oxford all the way to Yale and Harvard, exerts, world famous archaeologists, historians and I don’t know what else demand the return of the Parthenon Marbles but now with Georgie we feel confident.

And I try. I try through his gatherings in Venice, I try hard through his bachelor parties and his global celebrity extravaganzas and I try hard through the fifteen minutes news bulletins about his wending. And you might think that I am a predictable idiot and somehow most of you were expecting me to write something like that. But while all these millions were spent, while a whole city partied for days and while all this food was wasted in three days only something like 90,000 kids have died all around the world, most of them lacking the basic, clean water and a plate of rise.

Oh yes, the same George Clooney who felt devastated when he visited Darfur and decided to dedicate his life to save the kinds in the camps a few years ago. I’m sorry Mr Clooney but while you were partying with Bono (another philanthropist) most of them died from hunger and thirst. I suppose nobody gave you the memo!

Many times in many article, here in Ovi and in other magazines and papers I write for, I have pointed out that it doesn’t matter if all these celebrities do stands like the one Clooney did in Darfur for their personal promotion. Bottom line some kids even for a day got some water, some had a doctor checking on them and some more got a plate of rise. And you don’t know some of them might even survive the nightmare.

The situation in some parts of this earth is so dispirit that anything helps. Even George Clooney and Angelina Jolie. But this wedding in Venice was like an international conspiracy of the “I don’t care”. Clooney didn’t care, the media didn’t care, and the majority of us didn’t care.

Checking the social media I felt dizzy and sick. Photos of Georgie waving at me under photos of dead children in Iraq by IS or the bombs from the American and the Saudi airplanes. Talking about the unfairness of the situation people live and in the following paragraph envy for Georgie’s suit and tie. And the bride’s dress. All these over the bodies of thousands of dead kids. But who cares as long Bono had good time and the most envied bachelor got married.


By the way and my question is honest. Has George Clooney ever played in a memorable film? Will anybody remember him after …let’s say 30 years, like we all remember Al Pacino, Redford or even Malkovich?

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Emanuel Paparella2014-10-04 12:01:23
Indeed Thanos. I suppose celebrity marriages are nothing but reflections of the culture that makes them celebrities. You mention Paul Newman. He was married to Joanne Woodward for 50 years. But those were other times. Nowadays the typical American marriage lasts eight years. That’s among ordinary people. Among celebrities, it is quite different: Jennifer Lopez and Ojani Noa were married 11 months; later she married Cris Judd and that marriage lasted six months. It seems that celebrities marriages last less then their divorce proceedings which would be funny if it weren’t so sad. Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra were married for nine days. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were married for 72 days and their divorce proceedings lasted seven times longer. Britney Spears and Jason Alexander set the record, so far, with a marriage that lasted a total of 55 hours. That record is sure to be beaten in the not too distant future. It remains to be seen how long Clooney’s marriage will last. We may be pleasantly surprised but I would not bet on it lasting more than a few months. And that is a sad commentary on our culture.

Perhaps Paul Newman who did not confuse fame and celebrity for honor, competency, and legacy, understood better than our contemporaries that marriage is more than a contract and that a wedding does not make a marriage. A marriage is more than a a promise made yesterday; it is a commitment to a loving relationship renewed daily, a pledge a couple makes to share their lives with each other unconditionally with no strings attached. It is even a metaphor for the love of God for his creatures and it is in fact that metaphor which gives the pledge its full validity. Paul Newman understood that a pledge is not something one breaks easily when a better opportunity comes along; one’s honor and one’s very identity are at stake. But alas, those are concepts which in our culture driven by fame and success have largely been discarded. Vico said that if you wish to take the pulse of a culture, look at three institutions: language and its degradation, religion and its discarding, marriage and the decline of the family.

Leah Sellers2014-10-04 23:50:57
Amusing and insightful article, Brother Thanos.
Gentlemen, the Charming, Handsome and Intelligent George Clooney (married or not) will always make Women Mooney ! And, yes, Celebrity Weddings and Funerals will always make a splash of Bitters or Sweets in the Drink of Life ! Congratulations, and Wishes for years of Married Bliss for George, and his equally Charming, Attractive and Intelligent Wife !

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