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Robert Mugabe's brutal destiny
by Thanos Kalamidas
2006-12-29 09:08:02
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You don’t need to go far to hear all the horror stories of a terrifying dictatorship. You just have to stop in Johannesburg, the place where most Zimbabwe refugees have fled. Robert Mugabe is Africa’s nightmare and has brought rise to all prejudices the rest of the world have for Africa, plus he represents all the stereotypes of the mad dictator that started with Uganda’s Amin Dada.

In many senses Robert Mugabe reminds me of Pinochet. Pinochet was equally crazy when he took over Chile with a military coup, while the country was successfully fighting inflation and building a new economy; Pinochet led them back to total corruption and disaster. Things were so bad that it will take decades for Chile to recover and it is sad that the man died before being able to pay for his crimes.

Mugabe, as though it were a race, has proven worst. He didn’t need to follow Pinochet’s example and terminate any opposition; he let his opposition say whatever they liked but with the help of his huge paramilitary forces made it clear to the people that if you don’t vote for me then …you are dead. So he managed to have a democratic legitimatcy.

Zimbabwe is a country with a lot of financial potential, endless revenue inland and people who have gone through the worst part of colonization willing to do all the demanded sacrifices. Their only obstacle is Mugabe who does everything he does for …the good of the Zimbabwe people and for the country! That gradually has led the people to a passivism that gives more power to Mugabe and his followers.

Included in his followers are the security forces and the police that feel they are the trusties of the regime and are constantly crossing the line – if they could be any in a regime like Mugabe’s – showing the worst face of brutality and torture that have become, if anything else, routine!

What makes it worst is that they became everything they used to accuse their old masters. 2,000 political opponents of Mugabe and his party have been arrested, imprisoned and tortured since the beginning of the year. A peaceful march attempted in September of 2006 by some activists lasted less than two minutes, this is how long it took to the police and the paramilitary groups to brutally hit them and then arrest them and lead them to some prison in an unknown location.

The police have nothing to do with its actual work protecting and serving civilians but purely work as Mugabe’s praetorians effectively – brutality has been effective during history. The police are never democratic and in the end the victims pay in the worst way, often with their life; oddly sometimes killed by their own praetorians.

The Zimbabwe people have to realize that by accepting their situation the only thing they do is give Robert Mugabe and his parasites more power and obviously more brutal ways to exercise power over them. Let’s hope that in the end Robert Mugabe will not be able to escape justice for his crimes.

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