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King Abdullah's message
by Thanos Kalamidas
2006-12-28 08:38:24
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Looking back, the person all sides hated but respected was the only person who could handle the situation for all these years and it was none other than Yasser Arafat. With the non-surprising electoral victory of Hamas, the president of the Palestinian state and leader of Fatah, Mahmoud Abbas found himself in the uncomfortable position of having to share powers with a government that represented the internal enemies.

The most surprising thing is the attitude of the Fatah people that you don’t know who is their worst enemy: the Israelis, Hamas or their own thirst to monopolize power. It doesn’t matter what Hamas represents, the truth is that they won the elections and that they have the right to create a government and at least try to do what they promised and what brought them to that position.

By Fatah violently opposing Hamas’ right to do so, using murder as a political weapon, if anything else shows that they are exactly what they blame Hamas for. They nothing more than terrorists and it comes as verification to what often Hamas said, that Fatah is the real terrorist in Palestine.

There are times when something weird happens, we see the forest and miss the tree and I know how strange that sounds from somebody who constantly shouts that we look at the tree and miss the forest, but in the case of the Palestinian state we often have done so. The Palestinian problem has become a huge forest with big and small trees, bushes and parasites, furthermore with implications to the whole environment. And if that was not enough with the help of ‘war on terror’ it has extended internationally. When Bin Laden hit the Twin Towers his excuse had the roots in the Palestinian problem.

We have a nation that lived for decades in refugee camps or been scared to do anything that the rest of us consider a normal life, and then came Arafat to give a name to the cause, make the Palestinian problem so big and so global that in the end we missed what’s going on in the Palestinian land. While Mr. Arafat was meeting Israeli leaders in Camp David, with I don’t know how many American presidents over the last decades, his very own liberation army had become a dictatorial force among the Palestinian people and had taken power. Somehow Fatah felt to be the only ones who know what is best for the Palestinian people and, if that was not enough, corruption, torture and murder joined their ultimate power.

By voting Hamas, the Palestinian people sent a message to everybody, but most of all, at least in my opinion, to Fatah. The message was: You did your part but it is over; we are not going to exchange the occupation army with a dictatorship. Unfortunately, Fatah is not willing to give up so easily and let’s hope that what King Abdullah of Jordan said will be heard from everybody, including the leaders of the Palestine. Civil war does only mean the death of innocents and they are the ones that have paid everything till now.

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