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The Junior Varsity of Jihadists
by Leah Sellers
2014-09-19 09:37:38
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“I just don’t know, Jethro.  How in the world could the President of these here United States of America call those ISIS/ISIL decapitatin’, hate-filled Religious Fanatics the JV of Jihadists ?”
“Well, Sam, in some ways those decapitatin’, hate-filled Religious Fanatics are just that.  ISIS/ISIL is full of recruited Youngsters longin’ for somethin’ Bigger and Better than ThemSelves.  They have Chosen Murder, Rape, Theft, Cruelty, Horror and Mayhem, and they are calling it Allah.” 
“Now, anyone who has read the Quran or broken Bread with Muslims knows that’s just a Lie.  A Big Fat Lie.  But these Recruited Youngsters, who are being Militarily trained by some of the old thrown away and disenfranchised Enemies America made in past Middle Eastern Wars over Oil, Money, Territory and Power, Think and Feel that they’re findin’ that Meanin’ and Purpose that’s Bigger and Better than ThemSelves in a Bullet they fire blowin’ SomeOne’s guts all to smithereens or the Bomb they throw, or strap to ThemSelves or set-off that winds up shreddin’ Human Bein’s into meaningless, sloppy scatter or a bloody Knife crudely and coldy rippin’ and tearin’ the Heads off of Idealistic and Well Intentioned Journalists for the Shock-’n-Goad Effect on the Social Media or the T.V News.”
“These ISIS/ISIL Youngsters are usin’ the so-called Muslim Jihad to hide their own wicked, mean-spirited, nihilistic actions behind.  It makes them feel Powerful to maim, kill and destroy.  It makes them feel Powerful and In Control in a World they feel no Power and no Control in.”
“Like our football’s Junior Varsities, these Youngsters are bein’ Trained to be Future Extremely Extreme Extremists - Future Radically Radical Radicalists.” 
“And they’re not the only ones undergoin’ that kind of Trainin’, Sam.  America, and most other countries undergoin’ Cultural Shifts and Awakenings have got their own versions of Extremists and Radicals formin’ Military-like Militias and Survivalist Gun Clubs and Compounds.  They’re croppin’ up everywhere ’cause everybody’s listenin’ to the poundin’ and disruptive rhythms of the Fear Monger Boogie and the War Drum Rhumba”
“Jethro, I hate it when you stop talkin’ English, and you start getting’ all far-out on me.”
Jethro smiled wryly and continued, “Yep, murderous and nihilistic Extremism and Radicalism with a club soda, and a twist of lemon are all in a Day’s War Play at Guantanamo Bay, and the Mirage filled Deserts of Arabian-Muslim Caliphates.”
“Jethro, you are losin’ me.  I thought that were talkin’ about the ISIS/ISIL Terrorists and Junior Varsities ?”
“And so we are, Sam.  So, we are.  History has a Cause and Effect Way of always bein’ very much, and simultaneously, in the Present, Past and Future.  There is no escapin’ it as much as we may wish it to be so.  Yesterdays will always have a way of slippin’ up and slappin’ the back of the Heads of Today and Tomorrow.”
“These ISIS/ISIL JV Youngsters, and their Military Mentors intend to Mis-Treat, Dis-enfranchise and give Pain to everyone they come into contact with as they Feel and Think that they were Mis-Treated, Dis-enfranchised and given Pain to.  Only they want to Abuse and Use everyone in their Terrorist Utopia doubly so.  Fact is, they‘ve killed, tortured, raped, stolen from, and executed far more of their own Muslim people.  Anyone who Dis-
Agrees with ‘em or Dis-Pleases them is Dead Meat.”
“They want to Kill.  They want Mutilate and Annihilate.  They want to blow apart the World to match their own Dis-Enfranchised Pain, and their own vain InGlorious Nightmares of a World where they can Collectively continue to murder, and destroy anything and anyone they perceive as bein’ in their way.  If you don‘t Please them, then you don‘t Please Allah.”
“They are the Junior Varsity.  The Future Jihadists in Training.”
“They have no real Home.  They have no real Hope. They have no real Future.  So, they find those things through their Anger, their Hatreds, their Fears and their Violence.”
“They Think and Feel that will make them a Powerful and Meaningful Personage and Energy moving through this World and the next.”
They want Folks to look upon them and Tremble !  Tremble !  Tremble !  Ah-ha !  What Power and Glory to be had and all in the name of Allah - of God !  And while they plow through and carry out their Chosen Acts of Cruel Retribution and Horror, they Collectively Stand and Shout, “I am a Jihadist !  I am a Terrorist !  I am a Horrorist !”
“What’s a Horrorist, Jethro ?
“Just go with me, Sam.  I’m on a roll.  So, as I was sayin’ the Junior Varsity is every Society’s Future-in-Training.” 
“What everyone should be asking is Why the murderous, fear-based, enslaved by chronic Hatreds, Bigotries, InJustices and Acts of horrendous and horrifc Violence ISIS/ISIL has been spawned into existence, and after analyzin’ the facts and the history of it, set about to and Remedy the Repetitive Societal Failings and Flawed Patternings that gave them Life.” 
“Just because they’re JV’s in Trainin’ doesn’t make ‘em any less Dangerous or Lethal.  The venom of Baby Rattlers is far more potent than the milky venom of Adult Rattlers.”
ISIS/ISIL needs to be put into some kind of Checks and Balances, Sam.  They need to be contained, presented with Meaningful and Purposeful Life Opportunities from the World as a Whole, Re-Directed, and Re-Trained while the Global Societies of the World continue to Evolve, not De-volve, and get their Act Together.”
“Jethro, you are so full of it.  The World’s never goin’ to Change.  Messes like this one will always be around, ‘cause of Mankind’s Original Sinful nature.”
“Nope, I just don’t buy that, Sam.  I think that Humanity needs to get off of it’s Lazy Fanny, and Put Our Shoulders to the Wheel to Create and Shape  Better and Brighter Future Opportunities for Folks all around the World. And let each Society Choose what those Better and Brighter Opportunities might be for ThemSelves, while keepin‘ the overal  Health of the World as a Whole in Mind when they make those Decisions..  We all need to get to the difficult Work of Learnin’ to Love one another Bigger and Better, and treatin’ one another more Kindly and Respectfully.”
“You sound some like the Preacher, Jethro.  But you’re the one always sittin’ on the back pew, and always the first out’a the door.”
“I know it, Sam.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not absorbin’ some of the Preacher’s Messages and Bible thumpin’.  It’s like Spiritual Osmosis.  The Information just flows from Greater to Lesser.  However, I must warn you that I am a leaky Vessel - ha ! !”
“I’m just like most Folks, Sam.  I just want to be as Good a Person as I can Be, and Live as Good a Life as I’m Able to and allowed the Opportunities to do so.  No more, no less.”
“Well, I still think the President should be impeached,”  Sam declared.
“I know that Sam.  And we’ll just have to agree to dis-agree, ‘cause for all that man’s had shoved onto his plate, wrongly or rightly, I Think that he’s doin’ a pretty Good Job.”
“The Middle East has always been complicated and contentious.  But we meddled with ‘em for their Natural Resources and to make Money.  So, we’re beholdin’ to be a part of the Solutions to this Jihadist, Sunni, Shea, Kurdish, Middle Eastern Mess.  Despite the fact that the JV Jihadists are beckoning us right back into the fray we were tryin’ to back out of.  And oh what a stinky bucket of Malarkey and Hogwash it is, Sam.  Yes sir, mighty rank and messy.”
“Did you hear about that NFL football Runnin’ Back, Ray Price, cold cockin’ his girlfriend in that casino elevator and knockin’ her out ?  Have you seen that film of it ?  They’re showin’ it on all of the news shows.”
“And why are you switching rides on me, Sam ?  Other than Ray Price’s hankerin’ for Violence and Physically Abusin’ someone in the name of Love much like the Jihadists are doin’ all of their Violence in the name of Allah…..”
“Well, I’ll be, Sam.  You have been listenin’  to what I’ve been sayin’.  and who says that you can’t teach an old Mule new tricks ?”
“For your information, Jethro, Mules are pretty gol’durned smart critters.  Mine outsmarts me all of time when I’m tryin’ to catch him for some field work.  Beats me how he always knows when I’m wantin’ to work him.”
“Maybe it’s the harness your holdin’ hands when you approach him.”
Ignoring Jethro‘s sarcasm, Sam switched topics once again. “Did you hear about Bob’s girl gettin’ ready to marry that pin-headed Computer Geek from California, Jethro ?”
“Yep, sure did.  But she’s a Computer Geek, too.  If you ask me, it sounds like a match made in Computerland.  They‘ll probably get hitched on their Iphones.  Why do anything in person or in the flesh anymore, when all of these Youngsters seem to think that everything is so much better and more meaningful on camera or on screen.  The invitations will probably say ‘Welcome to our Virtual Wedding !  Nuptials will be held on FaceBook !”
“Ha !  Grab that line of barbed-wire, Jethro, and we’ll head on back to the house for some Lone Star refreshments.”
“Now, that’s the most reasonable thing I’ve heard you say all day, Sam.  Let’s load ‘em up and head ‘em out !”

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