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Dictating hypocrisy
by Thanos Kalamidas
2006-12-19 10:06:16
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It is admirable how often dictators and dictatorial regimes use words like ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom of speech’ in their propaganda, and it is also admirable how often their use of these words makes us think twice. One thing is for sure, these regimes and these parasites of human history have mastered the science of propaganda and manipulation of words; Iran’s cleric dictatorship with its puppet president Mahmoud Ahmedinejad would be no exception.

There are moments in our history and furthermore in European history of which we are all very proud and throughout the centuries Europeans have been involved in huge fights to defend their right to democracy and freedom of speech - fights with deaths and a lot of blood. Fights that left countries with years to recover from the effects and even our much recent history has examples. Most of the East European countries suffered under the Stalin regime and ironically whatever he did, including millions of deaths, they happened in the name of democracy and for the good of the people.

Hitler came to power using these very mechanisms of democracy and all his speeches used words like ‘democracy’, ‘socialism’ and ‘for the good of the folk’ – in his case it was folk, not people – leading anybody who opposed his crazy dreams of world domination into concentration camps and later to their death. There is no doubt that Hitler was a criminal. This is a historical fact and not a theoretical issue or a conversation between theologies, like whether there is a god or not and if his name is God, Allah or Zeus. Concentration camps are another historic fact that doesn’t get a denial; hundreds of thousands of people died in those during the Nazi’s era.

Nobody doubts that the Jack the Ripper committed all these crimes for which he is accused; the question is for his identity, but not for his guilt. If he had been caught he would definitely have faced the death penalty. There is no theoretical misunderstanding or disagreement about that. The man was proven guilty with his victim’s lining up in the mortuary just like Hitler’s victims in huge anonymous mass graves.

By saying that the Holocaust never happened is just like saying that Jack the Ripper never committed his crimes and everything is just…imagination - I am intentionally using the example of Jack the Ripper, since the new case of a copycat has raised memories and speculations in UK for his identity and secondly because there is no doubt about his guilt proven by testimonies of officials, simple people and witnesses including detailed descriptions from authorized medical personnel of the victims and their condition.

In the case of the Holocaust we face thousands of testimonies and proof. We have to deal with documented facts, photos and films – and I’m not talking about fiction films, but in the Nazi’s mania to leave proof of their ‘glorious moments’ they documented everything themselves.

So what has freedom of speech to do with Jack the Ripper? Would it prove capability in freedom of speech or the sense of democracy to say that Jack the Ripper never committed any crimes and he was innocent? Actually the only thing it would prove is verbicide or blindness. Furthermore, in the case of a dictatorship like Iran it shows dangerous stupidity since they make a public conference about it.

Nazi parties are illegal all around the world in the same sense that pedophilia parties should be illegal. Promoting these beliefs that are punishable under common laws should be illegal. You can not consider legal any party that supports the idea of murdering anybody who doesn’t have the same nose as you or speak the same language; Nazi parties or any similar racist, prejudice movements are illegal.

So we are back to the puppet president of the Iranian dictatorship, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, who invited people to prove that the Holocaust never happened. Only the identity of the people who participated shows the legitimacy of this gathering: a former leader of the Ku-Klux-Klan and leader of the National Association for the Advancement of White People – it makes you wonder if he includes Iranians in this group - a racist Frenchman, an Australian neo-Nazi…fine, let’s invite ten Hitler clones to talk about democracy!

This is not freedom of speech. To doubt how effective democracy is in our countries is freedom of speech, to doubt the motives of the politicians is freedom of speech, to have the right to say I don’t believe in god is freedom of speech, to have the right to make a caricatures of the superior representative of a religion on earth like the pope it is freedom of speech because you mimic his motives behind his religious covers, to portray the face of Mohamed that has been used for the most despicable actions like murdering thousands in New York, Spain and London, is freedom of speech.

However, to say that Jack the Ripper was innocent in the name of freedom of speech is stupid, to do the same with Hitler is dangerously stupid and the Iranian regime and their puppet president Mahmoud Ahmedinejad are guilty of misleading the people, fouls information over a proven crime, participation of any future hate crime all around the globe and finally for diffraction and cover of proven hate and racists criminals.

For all the above they should be led to justice all of them and pay for their proven crimes, imprisoned according the laws and that’s democracy! Perhaps it will be good if they serve their time in Auschwitz standing among the evidence of the horrific truth.

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