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Post Traumatic Syndrome Dys-Functional - Junctions of Malady and Reality
by Leah Sellers
2014-08-18 10:45:29
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Alright, Everybody !  Take your bony ltiitle ‘ole swinging Blaming Fingers and point ‘em President Obama’s way.  Feel better ?
His agitatin’ Enemies and Frien-enemies say it is.  So, it must be true, right ?
Isn’t it his fault that our previous (before he got into office) Energy, Economic and Humanitarian dealin’s with the Middle East (and other places around the Globe in the name of Capitalism and certain Corporations Profitable Gain) has taken a turn for the worst ?  Has turned into such a sticky, icky, crude, rude and seemingly out of control Mess ?
The Middle East is suffering from Post Traumatic Syndrome Dys-Functional Maladies and Realities.  The West thought that they could cure it with Capitalism and Militarism hidden behind the Freedoms and Opportunities of Democracy, but that turned out to be a traumatically Tornadic Mis-Calculation.
The Middle East is used to being Ruled Over and Overseen by Dictatorial Autocrats, Sect Leaders, Tribal Leaders, Religious Leaders, Rebel Leaders, etc… (some Benevolent, some more Malevolent).  They are not used to making their own Governmental/Commuity Decisions.  They are used to Controlling Traditions not the Responsibilities inherent within the Freedoms of Making Choices for and about themselves.
What the West did, despite our Nation Building intentions after we tore their Governments apart, was turn the vehicle over to Teenagers, who were incompletely trained and Generationally programmed to let SomeOne else do the Car Making and the Driving.  They tried to find SomeOne else to give the Wheel to, and no one but prejudiced and Sect-biased Dictators, Religious Leaders, Radicalized Rebel Leaders or the Military showed up to do the Driving.  Leading the befuddled Teenagers (in matters of Democratic Governance or any other type of Governance for that matter) to revolt and radicalize, as the Folks they had Chosen to Lead them turned against them out of defensiveness and Fear, and began to harm and do violence unto them in order to gain control over them and the situation at hand.
Thusly, EveryBody is living out and living within a Post Traumatic Syndrome Dys-Functionality Reality filled with Loathsome and Loathing Maladies of Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit.
ISIS (and other such Terrorist rabid groups) is acting out Two Eyeballs for every One Eyeball taken !  And Two ripped out Fangs for every Singular ripped out Fang taken !  Grrrrrrrr !  We are Terrorists who will Terrorize all other Terrorists !  Grrrrrrr !  Bark !  Ka-Pow !  Ka-Boom !  Let the Heads and other Body parts of Children, Women and Men who oppose us in any way Roll through the Sands of Time in the name of Allah (in order to give it some mystical, supernatural meaning, and hopefully validate the  hate-filled and rage-filled horrors we’re performing and perpetuating in our God’s Holy Name) !
And now that we ISIS (in the Name of Allah) Terrorists have made Israel even more nervous and guarded than usual because they fear the poisonous tentacles steeped in the hatreds, blood and gore of Syria - of Hamas and other Ancient Afflictions reaching out across the Desert Sands of Arabia - of Africa - of Asia, Israel is on the move, because it senses the Dark Energies descending down upon them and the rest of the Globe unless those Dark Energies are stopped.
Israel is well attuned to threatening Dark Energies on the move.  They remember the Holocaust.  That is a Wounding so Deep and Visceral that it effects/affects many Generations.  Such Woundings always do.
Perhaps, President Obama sees this.  Has been Hoping and Working toward this not being so, but here it is, and it must be dealt with.
We, Westerners made ourselves a part of The Problem.  Thusly, We, Westerners have a Moral Responsibility to Be a part of the Solution to The Problem.
We, Westerners are fooling ourselves if We think that We are not maintaining and sustaining the same old Cycles of Violation and Destruction that the Terrorists are.  War and Destruction Games have not changed.  All of us are continuing to Play with their insidious Toys, Tactics and Strategies.  The Weapons have only grown more vastly annihilating.
We, Westerners are as guilty as those we are our pointing our Bony little ’ole Blaming Fingers at.  We, Westerners exacerbated (through our Actions and InActions) the many oily, writhing parts of this great Rising Leviathan, ISIS (and other Terrorist groups).
So, yes, We, Westerners must bite the Serpent (before it bites us) and take up the Mantle of Attrition.  And hold the Dark Energies of All of our own making and breaking, which would swallow us All whole, at bay.  And eventually put them to rest by Balancing the Scales of Power on many different levels of Existence and Governance.
Afterwards, we must help the Middle East. Ourselves and the rest of the World Heal and Re-Build, in the best ways and means for them to Heal and Re-Build (and Govern themselves) in order for All of us to Evolve further in ways which Benefit the Whole and not just the Parts of the Whole that some see as more worthy or more valuable.  We are, All of us, worthy and valuable.
Perhaps, these are tasks more worthy to be acted upon in the Name of Allah - in the Name of God, because We are All of us Children of God - of the Great Creative/Destructive Forces of the Cosmos and Multi-verse Realities.
Because of our being Connected by various Technologies all over the World, we are All suffering from Post Traumatic Syndrome Dys-Functional Maladies and Realities of one kind or another.  At one level or another.
No one Aware of World Events or even an Unwilling (or in the case of the Terrorists a Willing) Participant of World Events is unscathed by the confusing upheavals, the Tectonic Shiftings of the Powers that Be and the Powers Seeking To Be.
Communication is the World’s most Promising Healing Therapy because it eventually leads to Understanding and Empathy.  A Meeting of the Minds, Hearts, Bodies and Souls of One and All.  And that can lead (if we let it and work toward it) to a Global Post Symbiotic Functionality All of us can Blossom and Beneficially Thrive within.

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