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The joy of motherhood
by Thanos Kalamidas
2006-12-11 09:53:34
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A woman’s pregnancy should never become a media case with analysts spending their time writing about it. On the contrary, it should be seen as a positive act against the aging population of Europe and America, furthermore how this woman conceived the baby should stay as a private matter and not a question for religious shows and newspapers.

Unfortunately all these became an issue when the daughter of the US Vice-President Dick Cheney, Mary Cheney, who is openly gay, announced that she is pregnant. She is living with another woman, Heather Poe, and it is embarrassing when world media come out with headers like “Cheney’s grandchild will have two mommies” showing Puritanism and conservatism where it should never be.

I never thought that sexuality has anything to do with political parties and, furthermore, with ideas. Actually, it has to do with them, as much as whether I have a beard or not. It’s nobody’s business, it is very private, very personal and it should be respected as such. Having a beard doesn’t make you a supporter of Osama and being gay doesn’t make you a Labour Party member.

I’m not trying to simplify the issue by using the example of the beard, which is very serious in a country with over 70% of the population believing that humanity came from Adam and Eve and that the scientifically proven theory of the evolution is …just another theory. I’m trying to show how pathetic it is to have opinion on somebody’s choices, especially when their choices have nothing to do with you. This execrates every respect to human rights and the institution of democracy and freedom.

But then this becomes an issue to the very conservative USA as it has become over the last decade, where even the president and nearly all the candidates base their campaigns on people’s homophobia. Instead of informing them, they pushed this phobia further and turned it into prejudice and racism. The USA is seriously ill, yet they are the very same Americans finding water on Mars; don’t be surprised if over 50% of the population believes that the Earth is flat, it is the center of the universe and the stars are little lights put there to keep us company in the dark night.

From my side and I hope from all the Ovi team, the only thing is to wish her a safe quiet pregnancy and an easy labor. Most of all, we hope Mary and Heather enjoy the feeling of a new life and the baby grows up feeling lucky to have two mothers while there are hundreds of thousands of kids all around the world with no parents at all.

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