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Litvinenko's zombies
by Thanos Kalamidas
2006-12-09 10:22:36
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Let’s start with what we know, which is thanks to the press, rumors or in a few cases the British government, who had to stop rumors for the public’s safety. By the way, the British government has shown irresponsibility to the maximum. If they had found out that there was something suspicious on a Greek airplane, especially radiation, the Foreign Office would have stopped every flight from Greece and forbid tourists to go to Greece, but when it comes to Britain they think that a reassuring talk from Blair’s gang would be enough.

Coming back to what we know. Alexander Litvinenko is dead, poisoned from something lethal that nobody knows how he took it. Investigating what he did during the days before the poison becoming lethal, the police found traces of this nuclear material in restaurants, hotels, airplanes, a football stadium, even the British Embassy in Moscow.

Going one step further, the people who spoke or had dinner with him have been examined and a couple of them had further examinations or hospitalized. They found traces of the nuclear material in seven different places, which means that it didn’t stop to where Mr. Litvinenko ate, sat or was entertained, but it moved with the people who crossed his path.

Right, that means if I went to London for a long weekend from Finland and I spent most of my time shopping for books and records around London at the same time Mr. Litvinenko arrived in UK and because I was lucky to find a ticket and watch Arsenal FC for a game, I have the privilege to be member in a very unique club: the club of Litvinenko’s zombies, because there is no other way to explain the last announcement of the British government. There is no danger BUT and IF you been to any of the places Litvinenko has been and you feel ‘something’ then urgently visit your doctor. It makes you feel like an idiot.

All these lead to some logical conclusions. Nobody knows how the nuclear material found its way into Litvinenko’s body, it might be the food, an injection even some strong dust thrown at him. Nobody knows how big or how small was this material. When you think about nuclear material, my mind goes to “Little Boy”, the big round bomb. But as recent history taught us in former Yugoslavia, the American army has increased the power, yet dramatically decreased the size of nuclear weapons, in their depleted uranium munitions. Decreased? How much? The size of a basketball or a baseball? Or the size of…dust?

But still we haven’t reached the 007 scenario. In a few days a big meeting of the EU leaders begins, with all the prime ministers, foreign ministers and a lot of presidents in attendance. Security will be there also! A lot of security, looking for weapons and bombs, airplanes will fly over the meeting place making sure that all planes are identified and strong numbers of police will petrol the whole city; but what about the dust? What about the same dust that killed Litvinenko?

Do I sound paranoid? Well it is not my fault. For the last five years they made me suspect my neighbor because he had long beard and he prayed five times a day, they made me look suspiciously at everybody around me, they even excused themselves to shoot an innocent passenger in the tube and then declare themselves innocent because of the terrorist threat. They made me nervous to travel with trains and planes and you call me paranoid? They want to have access to my bank accounts and my family tree to make sure that I have no terrorists in my family for the last twenty centuries and you call me paranoid?

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Sand2006-12-09 18:39:00
Polinium 210 which is the guilty poison in the news emits alpha radiation which can be stopped by a sheet of paper and is dangerous only if ingested so that it causes mutation in gut cells which reproduce at a high rate. It is also dangerous in the bloodstream if it reaches the lungs. Externally it is not dangerous.

Asa2006-12-09 20:37:59
"Externally it is not dangerous." - a bit like a bullet.

Thanos2006-12-10 21:57:52

Sand2006-12-11 09:48:21
Live rats, old shoes, transfats,table forks, gorillas, spark plugs, non-functioning electric appliances and several other common objects can be dangerous if ingested. It would be difficult to persuade people to swallow several of these and a couple might cause disturbances if discovered on airlines but basically, if they are kept away from digestive systems they are basically innocent.

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