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The miracle of a smile
by Carlos Eyl
2006-12-12 10:07:06
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How could you manage to overcome a situation where the odds aren’t exactly rolling towards your corner? This is something that we all may experience more than twice a day and most of the time we aren’t truly aware of the influence it may have to change somebody’s destiny.

I usually encounter dozens of people everyday whom I may say are mostly the same familiar faces. Nevertheless, I come to be amazed by the contagious atmosphere one can experience in a day’s quest.

The day starts with such a heavy pull, almost drowning you beneath the sheets. The feeling barely goes away when I have reached the toilet, not mentioning the detailed examination undergone passed by the mirror. It’s usually another anguished fight of trying to make it to the gym in the morning, but I haven’t been fortunate to accomplish that in a few weeks of cold winter winds.

My daily breakfast consists of a delicious healthy shake composed of a banana, two scoops of oats, honey and milk. I simply can’t avoid this arrogant inner feeling when I approach my car parked backwards in the garage. The trip to work usually marks a five to ten minute rush of horns, aggressive turns, zigzag maneuvers, a stare or two at gorgeous walking legs and then it hits me!

The chaos is everywhere, materials are delayed, the clients are bleeding their last coins and I’m responsible for most of it happening. The good thing is, 94.1 FM, my favorite radio station is playing most of the 80’s hits which I’ve never bother to remember the names of the songs, but they are my favorites!

This is typical Latin American culture, this corner of the earth demands quite a lot of verbal effort to get things done. This exhausting process consumes mostly anybody’s patience by the end of the day. But what made me write this article today isn’t exactly my wish to describe my daily journey to work in a Caribbean postcard country.

Precisely it narrows down to a facial expression provoked by a chemical reaction to stupidity, bordering tenacious devouring teeth and exposing the tip of the tongue. It’s usually most of my humble co-workers which literally glow in a day most of us would melt of hot stress provoked anger. The miracle is called a “smile”.

I’ve found myself to be amazed by the levels of productivity I have accomplished through a smile.

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