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USA security is a joke
by Juliana Elo
Issue 4
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Last year, two Brazilian surfers went to jail in the USA because of a joke during an inspection at Miami airport. They had in their luggage a pump that is used to make surfboards. The word in Portuguese for pump also means bomb. Mixing the meaning of the word, they asked the officer: Have you found the bomb, yet?

The security of the airport was set in motion and the two boys were sent to jail accused of triggering a false bomb alarm. Advised to admit being guilty by Brazilian authorities, they avoided a bigger punishment. Then a North American judge gave them “watched freedom”, with microchips attached to their bodies following their movements. They didn’t have permission to be in the USA any longer, so immigration put them in jail.

Instead of laughs, the joke ended in fines that cost $15,000 to one and $5,000 to the other, whose mother is a US citizen.

To avenge my fellow citizens, I gotta tell another joke:

An Arab man, who had been living in the New York area for about 40 years, wanted to plant potatoes in his garden. The man lives alone, he’s old and weak, therefore, he sends an e-mail to his son, who is studying in Paris University.

In the e-mail, he tells his problem:

“Dear Son, I’m really sad because I’m not strong enough to plant potatoes in my garden anymore. I’m sure, if you were here, you would help me to plough the land. With love, your Dad.”

The day after, the man received an answer from his son by e-mail at 15:54.
“Dear Dad, don’t touch the garden. I hid THAT there. With love, your son.”

At 16:02, the army, marines, patrols, police, department of homeland security, FBI and CIA arrived at the old man’s house. They dug the whole garden, but they didn’t find anything unusual.

The following day, the old man received a new e-mail from his son:
“Dear dad, the garden might be ready to plant the potatoes now. There’s nothing else I can do from here. With love, Ahmed.”

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