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A fascist shadow all over Europe
by Thanos Kalamidas
2014-05-28 10:18:19
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The last days global media and especially the European media talk about nothing else than the earthquake that has hit Europe. Marine Le Pen first in France with a glorious 25% leaving behind the conservatives with 21% and the governing socialists with a poor 14%. On the other side of the channel a day after his triumph in the local elections, Nigel Farage brings the xenophobic and racist UKip to the 27% leaving behind the Labour Party with 25% and the Tories with 24%.

In Greece, the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn got nearly 10%, in Denmark 27% and for the first time after the WWII a neo-Nazi party took 7% in Germany and elects one EMP. The news don’t get any better when you check Holland, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Hungary. Xenophobes, racists, fascists and neo-Nazis are storming inside the European parliament and the politicians talk about a shock and the media about an earthquake.

The truth is that there was never a shock or an earthquake, what there was, was stupidity, denial, ignorance and responsibilities. European media and the European politicians are mainly responsible for the rise of fascism in Europe and till the day they will acknowledge their mistake and actually do something about it nothing will get any better and more shocks and earthquakes will follow.

The last few years and while fascists started appearing in mainstream politics all around Europe, the media played with them accepting to veil them under the name euro-sceptics. They actually accepted that extreme acts and declarations were independent incidents while these incidents were a daily routine for most of these parties. So a Nazi salute in France, a racist comment in Finland, a Nazi uniform in Britain became exceptional incidents.

thanos01_400_02After al all these characters were giving plenty of material for the tabloids to fill pages. As a commentator said a few months ago, most of the members of these parties look like muscles in third category strip shops somewhere in nowhere. And then the Nazi salute was called a gaff, the racist rhetoric stupidity and actually murdering an activist, an argument about football that ended badly.

When the Greek neo-Nazi parasite Kasidiaris hit on national television a woman member of the parliament because he didn’t like what she was saying, there were media in Greece that said that she overdone it with the things she said. On his celebrating speech for the 10% Mr. Kasidiaris said that punching Mrs Kaneli earned him votes because he is a …real man.

Farage run a whole campaign in UK for the UKip with posters showing a white man supposedly a worker and saying that immigrants from Europe are coming to take his job and leave him unemployed. And nobody complained, on the contrary the British mainstream parties were limited to excuse why they signed the Lisbon treaty that left mire immigrants to enter Europe.

But the media called all of them euro-sceptics. They actually conspired with them to hide their real identity. In Finland there is a fascist, racist, xenophobic, neo-Nazi group that goes under the name Perus Suomi. In English this translates into true/pure/real Finns. By definition racist and anti-constitutional. After a series of articles published in Brussels and Strasburg (and I’m very proud for my involvement) endangering that they were going to be called by the parliament to make clear their identity, they decided to change their name ONLY IN ENGLISH to just The Finns.

Here is not only that they didn’t care about laws, constitutions, rights, provocations and everything but arrogantly pressured the media (including the …democratic Wikipedia) and the European parliament to accept this change and feel satisfied. Even though in Finnish their name remains the racist and anti-constitutional Pure Finns.

And they are not the only ones to use names that laugh at democracy. The democratic Party, Liberation Party, Indipedence partu, the people's party. And the media danced with them.

The last few days there is a court case unveiling in Helsinki with a couple that on 8th of last march armed with weapons, hundreds of bullets, poison gas and even a crossbow were planning to attack the Helsinki University planning to kill hundreds. In their entrance to the court room they used the Nazi salute to salute the press making obvious from the beginning what was going to follow.

Two years ago an admirer of the True Finns in Norway killed tens of young people in the name of a clean race and snit-multiculturalism. But the news talk about Euro-sceptics. And victims of the times and the recession giving alibi to tens of little Hitlers that grow everywhere in Europe this minute.

And the media continue talk about euro-sceptics who only want to change Europe and they give them cover pages.

And the politicians have great responsibility in Europe. After the WWII in the name of national unity in many European countries including Germany, they embraced Nazis and used them as continuation in the state bureaucracy. In Greece where I know, the collaborators of the fascist dictatorship that nearly destroyed the country in 1960s and killed hundreds found work in the system. Even judges responsible for murders are still practicing. All in the name of national unity. In Finland generations have grown up believing that Hitler was their ally and savoir against Stalin. For them Hitler was a good guy. So now two young people in the name of this good guy tried to kill hundreds of students because among them there are …no pure Finns.

But even when they saw the rise of Nazis in Europe the last few years instead of fighting them they tried to get them closer. They even adopted some of their rhetoric. The Labour Party in UK talks about the need of control in the immigration like a racist cares if the foreigner is legal or illegal immigrants. I have lived in four different European countries and actually lived not just visited. In every one of them I was legal with a job and fulfilling all my obligations to the letter. In every one of them I was victim of harassment from racists even though at least externally I could pass for a local.

The total schizophrenic? A few years ago Greek neo-Nazis were beaten by German neo-Nazis in Germany because they didn’t look …Arians. That says a lot.

But to return to the responsibilities of the politicians. The last few months it came out that the Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, was in secret talks with the neo-Nazis through his chief of stuff for a future cooperation in case they were losing the next elections to the left alliance. That’s how disgusting they can become in the name of power and that’s how hypocritical they are now when they are talking about a shock.

But they don’t seem also to learn. Ours after the earthquake and the shock, leading European politicians announced that despite the rise of the …euro-sceptics in Europe (they still deny that they are Nazi fascists) the European parliament is still pro-European in its majority. Still cooperating with their denial with the fact that fascism is gradually taking over Europe. Even one EMP is bad, Le Pen’s 25%, Farage’s 27% Golden Dawn’s 9% is neither earthquake not shock is a catastrophe.


The cartoon from a very young, talented and ...uneployeed Greek! His name Thanos Raftopoulos and soon more of his work in the pages of Ovi magazine

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Emanuel Paparella2014-05-28 15:39:17
Indeed Thanos, the earthquake could come from outside the citadel’s fortifications, from those who would destabilize the EU and return it to “good old nationalism,” and xenophobia and anti-Semitism, or it could come from within, right under the citadel’s foundations; which is to say, the barbarians (the right wing parties)may already be right inside the Trojan horse biding their time, and that Trojan horse is called the EU Parliament abetted by all those who cannot distinguish friends from foes and are now being duped in believing that those right wing party representatives (30% of the EU parliament!) are going to Strasburg at the EU Parliament to foment democracy and liberty and free speech; that somehow they will learn there democratic modes of behavior.

Somebody is asleep at the switch. NATO ought to begin looking a bit less anachronistic, but I suspect that even that will not be perceived by those in the EU who persist on being in utter denial.

Leah Sellers2014-05-29 02:58:33
Excellent, Dear Thanos !
Yes, we Live in a World of Schizophrenics beating up on and killing other Schizphrenics because the Schizophrenics are not Schizphrenicky enough !
And I really like the other Thanos' cartoon. Thank you gentlemen !

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