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What's the Big Deal About Donald Sterling ?!
by Leah Sellers
2014-05-23 09:55:26
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So, why is everyone in such an uproar about Donald Sterling ?  What’s the Big-Mac-Daddy-Donald-not-so-Sterling Deal ?  What’s all the hoop-la-la about, anyway ?

So what ?  He’s a Racist and a Bigot ?  So what ?  There are thousands, perhaps millions of them UnDoing and Sabotaging one another all over the World, each and every moment of the day.  So why pick on Donald-not-so-Sterling ?

He’s a Rabid Capitalist who loves Deal Making.  So, what’s wrong with that ?  He’s a Billionaire.  He’s a Good and Successful Capitalist who owns a Basketball team called the Clippers.  But because of a Betraying Public Release of an overt display of Donald-not-so-Sterling’s Racism and Bigotry he’s in the National Hot Box of an Out-House, and many of the Clippers and fellow Owners of other NBA teams want him Clipped.  Ouch !

But Donald-not-so-Sterling says that he is not Racist or a Bigot.  That he is from another Generation and Mis-Understood.  He begs everyone for Mercy and Understanding.  And some feel that he deserves it for a number of varying Reasonings and UnReasonings.

Donald-not-so-Sterling is, afterall, a Suc-cessful Billionaire and Leader.  As he says, he has put Clothes on the Backs of, Food on the Tables of, expensive Cars and Toys in the Garages and Homes of, and Money (ching-ching) into the Pockets of every Ball Player that has ever had the pleasure of Slaving…excuse me, Working for him.

Donald-not-so-Sterling is a successful Business Man-Slum Lord.  He earned billions of dollars and loose change (ching-ching) by taking advantage of, DeValuing further and sticking it to the Poor (The Monetarily Challenged - this is an Ancient and very Common Individual and Social Dis-ease known all to well by Human Beings all over the World). 

And he was allowed to become a Billionaire Slum Lord, and maintain the UnEthical and InHumane SubServience of The Monetarily Challenged, Legally and Systematically, because America (and many other countries Worldwide) perpetuate and Willing create Mechanisms which allow these despicable Behavioral Patterns to exist and get an insidious and cancerous stranglehold within and around our Societies. 

Smell the Rot ?  Smell the Human Waste ?

Law Mutts hired by other Malevolent Capitalist Gluttons who are Millionaires and Billionaires forcibly Will, and at times slyly cajole, these cancerous Laws and Systems to Be So, so that they can more completely and fully Put-the-Squeeze on The Monetarily Challenged - The Monetarily DisAdvataged and DisAbled.

And then these very same Capitalist Gluttons (ownership is everything) turn around and give Publically to Charities, and buy-up and devour more and more Small Businesses in order to make their Mega-Businesses even more Omega, and buy-up Sports Teams, and More Law Mutts, and Judges, and Politicians, and Governments, and Nations, and Asteroids, and other Planets yet unexplored (like the Europeans who drew up Maps of the New World that they intended to InVade Conquer, Own, Rape and Pillage and Dis-ease no matter who else Lived there already), so that they can have the very People that they are oppressing, depressing, regressing and suppressing (so that they - The Almighty Few can stay on Top of the Pyramid-Ponzi-Scheme, and ever trickling downward upon the SubServient Many, Feel better about themselves as Superior Beings OverRuling and OverSeeing the Inferior Many) Idolize them as the Ideal that EveryOne should Want and Need To Be.

And that is Malevolent Capitalism, Legal and Systematic Racism, Bigotry and Prejudice, and False and Destructively Nihilistic Leadership at its very Best !

Fully loaded and fired up by Tribal Racism, Prejudices and Bigotries that the Modern Culture covers up and Denies still Exist at many Conscious and SubConscious levels with heavy Make-up, Provocative Costuming and Mask Wearing, Propagandized Advertising, Flash-and-Bang, Sizzle-and-Pop, slanted Data Algorithms and Super-Polls, All-Seeing-All-Knowing-Cyclops Eyes, Technical Eavesdroppings, NSA and FCC Take-overings, continuous Streamings and blinkings, blippings, pingings, Dis-tractions…..Dis-tractions…..Dis-tractions…..Dis……….

So, what’s the Big Deal about Donald-not-so-Sterling ?!

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