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The rise of little Fuhrers
by Thanos Kalamidas
2014-05-05 09:28:57
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Putting aside the fact that India lives an electoral marathon that lasts 72 days and a series of voting rounds to cover a constantly increasing population, in India we might have a preview of what we might see in Europe soon. A nationalist, xenophobic and racist political figure is fast climbing to the Prime minster’s seat endangering not only India and the region but also the whole world.

thanos01_400_01Narendra Modi is not a controversy politician who most likely will be the next Indian Prime minister. There is absolutely no controversy about him, his past and his ideas; everything is loud and clear. On 27 February 2002, a train with several hundred passengers including large numbers of Hindu pilgrims was burned near Godhra, killing around 60 people. Following rumours that the fire was carried out by Muslim arsonists, anti-Muslim violence spread throughout Gujarat. Estimates of the death toll ranged from 900 to over 2,000, while several thousand more people were injured. Guess who one of the organizers was.

And this is a case known due to the court cases that followed and of course none of them found anything incriminating Narendra Modi. In 2008 the events in Mumbai increased the anti-Muslim feeling in India and as it was natural Modi was always there pressing the right buttons with his rhetoric which increasingly stepped up from prejudice to become racist. A few weeks ago in a speech included in his campaign he warn all the Bangladeshis who live in India that time has come to start packing.  He tried to cover his message with the political correct “the illegal Bangladeshis immigrants”, but he had already lay his target. And to be more specific we are talking about a community of 20 million people.

The 1983 Nellie massacre claimed the lives of at least 2,191 Bangladeshis, though unofficial figures run to more than 5,000 and it has been described as one the largest and most severe pogroms since WWII. What Mr. Mobi has in mind remains a mystery. A mystery closer to a nightmarish thriller.

You see Mr. Mobi in 16 days will be able to rest his finger on a button that can trigger nuclear bombs. Pakistan has already complained about the treatment of their coreligionists and they have asked for the international community to interfere. And Pakistan India relations have been for long tensed. Actually Pakistan-India with Middle East is the hottest spots the last fifty years with the risk of a war a daily issue. And imagine the spark a nuclear bomb will inflame in the region. Korea is not far and Middle East is just round the corner. What was missing till now was a little Hitler in the region.

Most of the mainstream Indian politicians have dealt with Narendra Modi as if he is a stubborn child or a populist with a lot of coverage but without real power. Most of the mainstream parties ignored all the warnings, the surveys and the polls. And here it is, Narendra Modi is walking towards the prime minster’s office without stop.

thanos02_400But who could stop him? For ten years a coalition government comprised by 14 parties from the entire Indian political spectrum, led by the National Congress and despite all the promises for change and the end of corruption has been proved worst than any other in the past. Independent organizations report that bribery to police and politicians for the last year in India has reached 15 billion dollars. And these are only cases that have been reported publicly. The rising Indian economy of the beginning of the 21st century was swollen by corruption, nepotism and favourism. Growth reduced by 50% unable to help the increasing unemployment and the slum-dwellers expanded in all the big cities. The same time Mumbai’s IT neo-millionaires turned employment into slavery in the name of competition and work conditions in plain inhuman reminding the darkest periods of India.

This is where Narendra Modi comes. Anti-establishment accusing all institutes as corrupted and criminal; anti-immigration the contemporary anti and he spiced everything on the top with anti-Muslimism investing in old passions. Does that remind you of anything? Just change the names and the area. Michaloliakos in Greece, Timo Soini in Finland, Geert Wilders in Holland and the European stars: Marine Le Pen in France and Nigel Farage in UK. The last two in countries with a nuclear button.

Nobody took a serious stand with Narendra Modi in India, nobody tried to show to the people what this man really represents. They let him preach hate and limit them in constant defence due to their own sins. They are actually responsible of his existence and now the rest of us have to deal with him while he will play with the doom-button. May 16th marks the day that the Indian general election’s final results will come out verifying that a little Hitler is in charge of the Indian nuclear arsenal. A week after we are going to see the rise f many little Hitlers all around Europe and we are doing …what?

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Emanuel Paparella2014-05-05 19:16:53
From the above one can only gather that democracy, which used to be vibrant in the West on both sides of the Atlantic will soon see very dark days. This phenomenon, however,should come as no great surprise considering the unimaginative visionless people currently heading our democracies. Perhaps we ought to re-discover the genuine cultural heroes of democracy. A recent one who was both an intellectual and a statesman in the true sense of those words, is the Czech Vaclav Havel who in 1990 addressed the U.S. Congress on the subject of democratic ideals and the rebirth of the human spirit reflecting on the end of the bipolarity of the Cold War and the beginning of “an era of multi-polarity in which all of us, large and small, former slaves and former masters will be able to create what your great President Lincoln called ‘the family of men.’” He also declared that: “consciousness precedes being,” by which he simply means that the salvation of the human world lies in the human heart, the human power to reflect, and in human responsibility.” More specifically Havel proclaimed that: “Without a global revolution in the sphere of human consciousness, nothing will change for the better in the sphere of our being as humans, and the catastrophe toward which this world is headed—be it ecological, social, demographic, or a general breakdown of civilization—will be unavoidable.” (A joint session of the U.S. Congress. Toward a Civil Society.) Let those who still have ears, let them hear. In any case, stay tuned for more on Havel.

Leah Sellers2014-05-05 20:00:39
Brother Thanos,
Well done, Sir.
The School Yard Bullies all around the World are given a gaseous and oily Rise to Power through the Masses Fears, Dis-tractions, Doubts, Anger, Chaotic Individual and Societal multi-leveled De-stabilizations, leading to the overall Need for the Emotional Cathartic Release of Blanket and Tribal Retributions and Actions of Violence.
That's what Hitler was, that what Putin is, that's what Modi is, that what the Global Secessionists are......
And, sir, this has been a Monstrously Disasterous Game of the Fear Monger Boogie has in the Making for a long Time. Oligarchy Malarkey is concocting, brewing, stirring, and serving up quite a noxious, toxically lethal, lumpy, gunky Cannibalizing Stew.
Thank you for your Insights, Dear Sir.

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