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Calculations and Speculations of Putinites and Bundyonians
by Leah Sellers
2014-04-24 10:24:16
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Ooo-Wee-Ooo-Wee-Ooo !  Wah !  Wah !  Wah !
It’s The Vladamir Putin and The Putinites, The Cliven Bundy and The Bundyonians, and The Masked Militianists, Gun-totin’, Insurrectionists !
Wah !  Wah !  Wah !
Cliven Bundy, a well-off Nevada Rancher, who decided in 1993 to refuse payment to the United States Government (and the Peoples of America whose Interests are Represented and Protected by the aforementioned U.S. Government) for the Government’s allowing Bundy to Graze his Cattle on Government owned Lands.  Bundy just decided one day that the Federal Government didn’t exist, and that he was not going to pay the Grazing Fees, that every other Rancher in Nevada who Grazes their Cattle on Government Owned Lands has continued to pay each and every year.  As a result, Bundy now owes the United States Government (the American People) a million dollars in Grazing Fees.
When told by the State Police that he would have to vacate his Cattle from the Government Owned Land he was using for twenty years Illegally, Bundy and his Family balked, and along with the Right-wing Propagandist Media and Radio Air Blowhards, proclaimed the U.S. Government, President Obama and Harry Reid to all be Tyrants in cahoots with one another against a fine upstanding, red-blooded, freedom lovin‘, contract breakin‘, freeloadin’ American.  Wah !  Wah !  Wah !
As tensions mounted, ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ Militia groups and groupies from out-of-state, and within the community, became Bundyonians.  They set up barricades around the Holding Pens and Cow Lots, refusing to allow the State Police to move the Cattle off of the Land Bundy, His Bundyonians (and his Little Doggies) were trespassing on.  “Get along Little Doggies !  Get along !  Wah !  Wah !  Wah !
Before long tensions snapped and Bundy’s son was Tazered by the State Police some time after one of Bundyonians kicked one of the Police Dogs, and shouting, and running around, and all out mayhem ensued. 
Not wanting things to get any more out-of-hand, than they already had - Wah !  Wah !  Wah !  “Hey Blondie, you know what you are….” The State Officials called a time-out, and got Bundy to calm his Bundyonians down.  And the State and Federal Officials decided to defuse the stampeding situation by approaching the Trespassing, Grazing Fee Evader, Bundy, in more practical and civilized legal ways in Court.  Leaving Bundy and the Bundyonians to their barricaded Holding Pens and trespassing Cattle and their Illegal Grazing activities until another day.   Wah !  Wah !  Wah !
While across the Globe in Ukraine the out-of-state and community Gun-totin’ Militanist groups and groupies, and the Masked Universal Soldier-Thug-Putinites continued to Illegally take over by force Ukrainian Public Buildings, and bully around and silence any Opposition to the so-called Pro-Russian Insurrectionists.  Wah !  Wah !  Wah !
Just like synchronized clocks these Putinite Groups and Groupies invaded the Public Buildings of several Eastern Ukrainian towns and cities, following much of the same Play Book they had used to take over Crimean towns and cities, and eventually Crimea, while Propagandizing the Media, and concerned Ukrainians with reports accusing the West of instigating trouble and Insurrection.  Wah !  Wah !  Wah !
Some Ukrainian Citizens have even reported seeing the same men leading the Public Building take overs and Insurrections in other towns and cities.  But perhaps these Pro-Russian Insurrectionists have twins or
Doppelgangers ?  Ooo-Wee-Ooo-Wee-Ooo !  Wah !  Wah !  Wah !  Here come the duplicated Pale Masked Riders !
Barricades, Burnings, Beatings, Shots Fired, and the tensions in Ukraine are mounting amongst a population that is War Weary and Afraid.  Most of the Civilian population is trying to ignore what’s happening around them, and just continue to try to live “Normal Lives” in a very volatile and eroding environment.  “Get along Little Doggies !  Get along !”  Wah !  Wah ! Wah !
The Putinites and Bundyonians Illegal conflagrations and migrations have got many Folks around the World Speculating about these Nation Destroying - Nation Thieving Traditions and Calculations.  Wah !  Wah !  Wah ! 
The boiling and roiling Cattle in the Global Holding Pens are jittery, and their Futures are UnClear, as The Insurrectionist Range Wars are a’stirring in Lands far and near.  Wah !  Wah !  Wah !

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