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In the Lands of Absurdity
by Bohdan Yuri
2014-04-18 13:17:30
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It seems that Putin will be forgiven for his adventurous soirée and his demands for greater influence in "Ukraine will be met. Why is he still in setting the tone while his minions are still controlling parts of Ukraine?

We as United States new citizens must pledge our allegiance to this country before we can even vote. If we were born to U.S. citizens then our status is automatic but we still do pledge our allegiance to this country. Serious betrayals to this pledge can be treason.

As we watch the charades that are being orchestrated by Russian players let's stop pretending that these Russian speaking families inhabiting eastern Ukraine and Crimea are actual citizens of Ukraine. They are Russians who happen to live and work in these areas for comfort and support of their Russian brethren.

And here's the simple Truth: Russia's action is akin to Canadians sending a million Canadians over the border to work, (even vacation) in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

Then, feeling  threatened due to having to obey Yankee laws and preferences, with the aid of the Canadian military poised on the border (and infiltrated special forces) the Canadian speaking Mainers  suddenly appear armed with the latest military paraphernalia and begin taking over all government locations. And within a few weeks they annex Maine, controlling the coast, with sights on all of New England.

Next step, a referendum vote stating that the Canadian speaking Mainers want to join Canada, from where they had all come, eyh. (The new blueprint for conquest?)

Easy takeover, right? Maybe in the minds of the Mackenzie brothers' Great White North.

Otherwise, yes, an absurdity and yet at its most basic root that is what has happened in Ukraine.

My question is this: If these "citizens" of Eastern Ukraine and Crimea have pledged this loyalty to Ukraine then what they have done is treason and they should be losing all their rights as citizens of Ukraine.

Therefore, doesn't Ukraine have every right to deport them to Russia because of their treason.  And if they are not citizens........Really?

But even here, another stage of absurdity surfaces in that such an option is logically correct yet so symbolic in that deportations are just another Russian horror game from the past.

Many Ukrainians, including my families, were deported to Siberia or gulags unknown, as were the Tatars from whom the Russians stole their sunny beach resorts.

But in the end, should this be the final solution against any further Russian Imperialism: deportation of all Russians from all foreign lands. Is this Karma's turn now, I wonder?

...in the lands of absurdity.


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Emanuel Paparella2014-04-18 13:48:22
Indeed, Mr. Yuri; absurdity is often in the eye of the beholder. Surely Mr. Putin sees no absurdity by the Machiavellian standard proclaiming that "might is right" and "the end justifies the means."

What is even more absurd is that from the land of anti-Semitism vying with Nazi anti-Semitism, i.e., Russia, there are now masked men infiltrating the Ukraine handing in orders to register for ID (written in Russian to be sure)to Jews coming out of their synagogues. As Secretary of State Kerry has put it: this is grotesque in 2014. One would have thought that the Europeans had learned the lesson of Chamberlain's appeasement of a super bully. To appease one such for the sake of "quite peace and prosperity" means that one has to pay the piper later on with much greater loss of blood and treasure. What did Marx say? Those who do not learn from their history are condemned to repeat it, and the second time as a farce. Indeed.

Leah Sellers2014-04-19 22:43:13
Hello Bohdan Yuri,
Sir, excellent and insightful points made Insightfully and Excellently.
Sir, this is not just the toxic brew of heinous past crimes and present day job markets. As Secretary Kerry and President Obama were laying out Economic Sanctions on the Oil and Gas-Blood LInes coursing through the Ukraine and Russia, and Banking restrictions on Russia's Oligarchs and Leaders-for-Sale, an Oligarch from Exxon's Oil company was shaking hands with Putin, and planning their next mulit-million dollar Energy deal. Shell and BP also announced their future plans with Russia. They do not Care about undermining global democracies or other governments. all they care about is Money, Status, Power and getting and having It their way.
The Russian-Ukrainians, the ancient hatreds and prejudices, etc..., and the present Chaos created are being Used and Abused to further Benefit the Malevolent Capitalism of the Global Oligarchs and their cronies and cohorts - The Few - not the The Many - of the World. This is but a taste of things to come. Chaos and War Benefit The Oligarchs and their cronies and cohorts. It is meant to keep the rest of us De-Stabilized, hoppin', poppin, and jumpin' to their Poisonous Tunes of Destruction.
Thank you for your Truth-filled article, Sir.

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