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Romanian report
by Euro Reporter
2014-04-16 08:07:37
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Romania keeps tradition of bee medicine alive

Bee venom to combat multiple sclerosis, pollen for indigestion, honey to heal wounds -- the humble bee has been a key source of alternative medicines since ancient times, and Romania is working to keep the tradition of romania_400_01"apitherapy" alive. The tradition goes back to ancient Greece when Hippocrates applied honey to treat wounds, and the Romans saw pollen as "life-giving".

In the past of India, China and Egypt, a resinous substance collected by bees from the buds of certain trees, known as "propolis", was popular as an antiseptic. "The hive is the oldest and healthiest natural pharmacy," said Cristina Mateescu, director general of the Institute for Apicultural Research and Development in Bucharest. Today in the wilderness of Romania's Carpathian mountains, honey bee products are still a familiar part of traditional medicine.

"In my village, my great-grandmother was a healer and used products from beehives. She inspired me," Dr Mariana Stan told AFP. Having spent years as a conventional doctor, Stan now practises in Bucharest as a "apitherapist" -- using bee products "which give slower but longer lasting and more profound results". In a country still infused with folk culture, several families continue to use propolis against sore throats, as well as honey and pollen to boost the immune system.


Over 140 under house arrest in Romania after new Criminal Code in force

Ever since the house arrest possibility was introduced in the new Criminal Code in the beginning of February 2014, Romanian courts placed 146 people under house arrest. These people include former boxing federation boss Rudel Obreja, a mayor from Gorj county, a former deputy director of the Agriculture Payments Agency, all three investigated for corruption, three doctors investigated for given illegal retirement decisions, and five students investigated in a rape case, Mediafax reports in an analysis.

Among those given house arrest decisions while being investigated, there is also a young man suspected of terrorism activities. Romania’s new Criminal Code introduced house arrest among preventive measures, along with judiciary control and control on bail.

Those under house arrest are not allowed to leave their homes without Police decision and have to appear in front of authorities and the court when asked. He or she is not allowed to communicate with anyone else outside their household. Romania is yet to implement electronic bracelets, which would allow authorities to better supervise house arrest cases.


‘Granny spinner’ arrested by police in Romania but set to get away with £30 fine

A teenager who was filmed spinning a terrified elderly woman around in the middle of the street has been arrested, but may get away with just a meagre £30 fine. Police near the Romanian capital Bucharest confirmed a 17-year-old was arrested for disturbing public order but that his victim was too terrified to make a statement.

An elderly lady is seen walking down a road in the Romanian village of Jilava when she is approached by one of a group of five or six thugs who then attacks her. As the woman runs off, the man is then seen on camera flexing his ‘muscles’ as he is egged on by his friends to spin her again – a request he duly fulfils.

After posting the clip online, the teenager under the Facebook username Eu Geo Offycyall claimed: ‘It was just a joke. She wasn’t dying. If you don’t like it, call me.’ He is set to receive a fine of just 160 lei, worth around £30.


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