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When Money Talks - Democracy Walks
by Leah Sellers
2014-04-07 10:52:12
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“Naw, Son, don’t let all of this falderal about the Rise of the Money Mongerin’ Robber Kings and Queens, and the demise of a true Democracy bother your little pea pickin’ brain.  It’s all left-wing clap-trap.  Just another Version of DiVersion for all of those onion-breathed pin-heads to scare the Little People/Sheeple with.”
“Besides, they’ve been complainin’ and bleatin’ for years that any Monies goin’ into any Political, Judicial, Executive Leaders coffers needed to be Transparent, not Under the Table Shadow-Money.  So, now they’ve got their wish the hard way.  Now, it‘s in their face.”
money01_400“Now, thanks to this Republican leanin’ Supreme Court’s Decisions on Citizen’s United, chippin’ away at ObamaCare, Protective Civil and Human Rights and this new Rulin’ sayin’ that we can spend as much as want on whoever or whatever we want, individually and/or collectively, in order to get the Nation and the World to do things Our way or the Highway through the Votin‘ Booths, the propagandizin‘ Boob Tubes, the Internet, the cock-a-mamey Social Media and the Shock-Jockeyin’ Radio Airways that we Own anyways, the Folks who Own and pull the Real Purse-Strings of the Nation and the World will have the way cleared for the real Business of the Nation and the World that Needs to get done. 
“Propaganda and Brain-washin’ are Powerful tools Son.  And we’ve been Trainin’ Americans, especially, to be Consumers.  Capitalist Locusts, buzzin’ through Life gobblin’ up the Products, Goods, Cravings, Insecurities, Empty Calories, Chemicalized Treats and Miracle Pills, Quackeries and Faddish Daquiris in Sight.  They are voracious Consumin’ Consumers !  A Mighty Hoard of well Trained, easily Manipulated and freely Capitulated lamed-brained, Locust-headed Sheeple ! 
The Chattel have gotten their wishes met.  They will know just how much Money is goin‘ to what Leader or Candidate‘s free-wheelin’ Pockets, and it‘s all nice and Legal.  We don‘t have to try and Control the Nation‘s Leaders under the table now.  It can all be right out in the open for all of us Head Honchos and Honchas to Crow about.  Now, the Voters will know just who the real Bosses of the Nation and the World are.  The Billionaire-Millionaire Clubs of the Nation and the World.”
“We Own the Mega-Banks.  We Own the Mega-Corporations.  We run the Show.  We Employ them.  We Own them.  And now its all Legal.  Money is Speech.  The more Money that you have the more Value and Speech you have.  The less Money you have the less Value and Speech you have.  We have the Speech Mega-phone.  The Chattel have been unplugged, de-voiced and de-horned !
“It’s been years in the makin’ though.  First, you’ve got to get some Judicial Ya-hoo to say that Money is Free Speech.  That automatically DeValues the Speech of the Chattel you’re tryin’ to get Under your Thumb and Control right away, even if They, the empty-headed Chattel-Brains, don’t get the ugly Truth of that right away.”
“Then you DeRegulate, gradually diffuse, chip away at or outright destroy the Laws already on the Books protectin’ the stupid and undeserved Rights of the Many against the Better Judgments and Better Valued Interests and Speech of the Few.  That’s Rich Folks like you and me, Son.  You followin’ me ?  Uh-hum, well good.  Then I’ll continue.”
“Then you get an army of well paid Lawyers and Ex-Politicians to work for you as Lobbyists and Legal Beagles.  They know the ropes, Son.  They will know how to Dis-mantle the Laws and Rules, that some of them even helped to create and make, that get in the way of the Rich Folks Better Judgments and more Valued Interests and Speech.”
“The years of us hidin’ in the Shadows waitin’ for our Time to Rule is over.  No, more gettin’ our hands slapped for over reachin’, or goin’ under the table in order to get things to go Our way.  No more prison terms or measly fines for Political, Judicial, Economic Ponzi schemes, because now the trickle down, golden-green stream Ponzi schemes really are out in the open for all to Legally see.  The cloaks have been removed.  We are out of the Shadows and into the Light of Day, come what may.” 
“Everything is Legally Transparent.  The Sheeple will see the Mac-Truck headin’ their way, and there is absolutely nothin’ they can do about it.  Unless, of course, they Wake Up and Rebel that is, and use Democratic Processes to UnDo all of the years of Work we’ve spent gettin’ the Rules and Laws of the Economic Power Mongerin’ Game to roll sevens our way, every day.”
“But that will never happen, Son,  Because when Money Talks - Democracy Walks.  Heck, Democracy just runs away leavin’ the Head Honchos and Honchas to build the Capitalized Corporate Kingdoms (and Queendoms) as they may, with plenty of cowering Chattel held at bay by their own Nation’s systematically Dis-mantled Laws.  Hey - hey !
“Naw, the Sheeple don’t have it in ‘em to Work their own Reversal of Fortunes.  We’ll keep ‘em too busy singin’ the sour notes to Our Crossin’Jordan Looney-Tunes.  We’ll Train them to be grateful for the Blues, while they pay their hard earned Monies and Dues right back into our Corporate Stores.  What Money Mongerin’ Robber King or Queen could ask for more.  ‘Cause when Money Talks - Democracy Walks !”

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Emanuel Paparella2014-04-07 14:54:57
Indeed, but I wonder if we should be so surprised. After all, from the very beginning of our country “money talked.” Only white men who possessed property could vote. That pretty much left out two thirds of the population. Moreover, the concept that the wealthy and the powerful deserved to be on top of the pyramid and to control the economy (which in effect meant that they remained in control at all times) has a Calvinistic theological foundation which landed on Plymouth Rock with the Puritans: God loves the industrious and the enterprising: to be wealthy is a sign of God’s favor and predestination; while to be poor is one’s fault due to laziness and shiftlessness; it is a sign of God’s displeasure; the poor are destined for hell; which must have made a St. Francis of Assisi turn in his grave. Later this theological Calvinistic principle becomes secular and gives rise to capitalism with a vengeance, and to social Darwinism: the fit survive, the unfit deserve to perish; they are not even entitled to health care. Enter the philosophies of Herbert Spencer and Ayn Rand. Now we have Catholics such as Paul Ryan who consciously or unconsciously are imbued with those anti-poor philosophies, think that everybody in Europe is an anti-democratic socialist and still consider themselves good Catholics. I think the present Pope would probably suggest otherwise.

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