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The rotten office
by Thanos Kalamidas
2014-04-05 12:24:03
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The last 48 hours another political scandal shadows Greece and especially the Prime Minster’s office. His closest co-operator, the cabinet secretary, Mr. Baltakos, was in talks with the neo-Nazis of the Golden Dawn giving them inside information that included information about the prosecutors responsible for their case. The whole conversation -and according to neo-Nazi Golden Dawn not the only one – was secretly recorded.

baltakos01_400To give you an idea of the seriousness and the extent of the situation; it is as Rahm Emanuel, the White House Chief of Staff and Obama’s main adviser and executer was in talks with KKK’s leadership, giving them information about court cases they were involved and expressing support to their cause. It would have been an earthquake that would have demolished the Democratic Party, finish the career (any career) of the president and the Chief of Staff would have end in Guantanamo trying the latest model of the orange outfit.

But in Greece this moment, according the governing Conservative Party (ND) and the Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras himself; it was all the doing of a private person and recording a conversation without the knowledge of all parts is illegal. You are shocked? I’m not!

I have been writing and talking about it the last five years, I’m afraid I have tire my Greek readers on my weekly column for a Greek magazine; week after week talking about the rise of fascism in Greece and in Europe in general. Actually even most of my articles lately in Ovi magazine focus in exactly the same subject.

In all of my articles I have pointed that the theory that says, that recession has brought the rise of fascism in Europe is delusional, misleading and a way to excuse ourselves of failing to prevent the phenomenon. Fascism never really died in Europe, it just gone undercover and found protection under the umbrella of mainstream parties, mainly the conservative or the far-right. Actually these parties taught them political correctness and how to cover their true ideology under accepted in mainstream politics populisms. Just like the National-socialist party did in Germany more than seventy years ago.

The Golden Dawn, this social parasitic and criminal neo-Nazi organization that managed to enter the Greek parliament with 18 members in the last general elections attracting more than 400,000 voters. Were there so many neo-Nazis in Greece? The answer is that perhaps not all of them are fascists but sadly most of them are. I was not alive during the WWII but I have very alive memories form the 1960s seven-year military dictatorship in Greece. And the people who organized the coup, the people who supported it and let it thrive for seven years were not just a few tens of army officers and definitely not democrats.

Actually and having seen it with my own eyes, a dictatorship to survive for seven years needed a big number of collaborators, informers and supporters. Every neighbourhood had in average one informer and a couple collaborators and that without including the supporters and the inconsiderate, the number adds to something like 300 – 400,000 people. And most of them are still alive, as alive are their kids and their ideological heirs or the brainwashed.

After the dictatorship in Greece most of them hidden behind the conservative and populist parties, mainly afraid of the public exclaim for their crimes. Parenthetically the democratic Greek governments did exactly the same mistake the German governments did after the WWII, punished the leaders and let the rest free in the name of the national unity (exactly because they were so many) and the idea that there must be a continuation in the public sector, since most of them had infiltrated the state. So you get judges who served the dictators sending thousands in exile or prison for their ideas, still serving the state.

These parasites infiltrated every single aspect of the Greek state and the moment they felt right, when unemployment hit the unbelievable 30% and xenophobia raised, they surfaced. This moment paramilitary armed groups patrol in Athens looking for immigrants to “teach them a lesson”, they can talk about national purity in the parliament and there are whole areas of the society leaving in fear because of them.

What was missing was an authoritarian Prime Minister, close to their ideals and rhetoric that the only thing that keeps him from establishing an authoritarian regime is not ethic but that the European allies would consider it illegal with painful consequences. Without that really meaning that he hasn’t already taken steps to a far-right, even fascist inspiring policies. An anti-racist legislation that went to the parliament a few months ago with strong interference from the Prime Minister’s office and apparently the cabinet secretary, Mr. Baltakos, was withdrawn despite the fact that hate crimes in Greece have raised incredibly and inexcusably the last five years and the EU demand of a legislation like that to be included in every member’s laws.

A legislation came and voted in the Greek parliament lately that excludes all immigrants from the municipality elections in contrast of European laws and practices. The prime minster himself in a constantly divisive spirit accuses the opposition even for terrorism connecting them with common crimes, scaring the people and dividing the country. Actually Mr. Samaras and the far-right gang that surrounds him have fully adopted the neo-Nazis rhetoric dividing the Greek people into the ones who support the government and the others, the communists, the Stalin followers. Just like Hitler did seventy years ago, just like the dictators did forty years ago, just like Pinochet did a few decades ago, just like Erdogan does today.

Mr. Baltakos is not a private person who was walking in front the prime minister’s office and enter to see what they are doing there, and secretary in this case doesn’t mean that he was there to sharpen the Prim minister’s pencils; he was the cabinet secretary who was handling national sensitive cases and he would never do whatever he want it without the knowledge and the approval of the Samaras.

This moment the government talks about a “quite divorce” with Mr. Baltakos and actually blame the …opposition for his meetings! The situation is very serious and divides even more the people leading the country in a state where only the neo-Nazis, their rhetoric and practices profit. Mr. Samaras should have resigned and ask immediately for general elections instead of talking about “private matters”. Instead of that they try to explain that the recording was …illegal intentionally ignoring what is ethical.

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Leah Sellers2014-04-08 06:09:35
Dear Brother Thanos, My Heart and Soul ache for you and Greece. Why is it that noone takes the Neo-Cons and Neo-Nazis seriously until their fanatical black and brown Boots are clammering and crashing down and kicking assunder our City Streets and Lives ?

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