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Solidarity to the humanity day
by Thanos Kalamidas
2006-11-30 10:39:57
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Sometimes I find hard to believe that there are some days like International Solidarity Day for the Palestinian People. Thinking about what I have seen over the last few years on the news nearly daily, it is International Solidarity Day for the Palestinian People every single day. Isn't it?

I think the answer is that it is the days for Palestinian, Somalian, Afghan, Iraqi and I don't know who else every single day. There is the hard reality; an invasion to Iraq and a building civil war has left a lot of innocent people in the middle. There are no schools, no health system despite what they say and the assurances the Anglo-American forces try to give. Innocent people are dying and sometime in the most disgusting and criminal way.

Often we hear on the news that a bomb exploded in Baghdad and twenty, fifty or seventy people died. More often we hear that the number of the dead American and British soldiers has increased to that number and we get a sum of the number from the beginning of the war. But, notice something we never hear on the news is the sum of the innocents who died over the last three years in Iraq. After all this time we don’t even notice, the focus on the news is on the number of the American or the British soldiers and it wouldn’t surprise me if the number of dead kids is tens times higher.

Then go to Somalia. There is a religious majority that massacres a minority. They go so far that it would not surprise me if after some years we hear about the Somalian genocide. When do we hear about it? Every time bin Laden sends a message and mentions the ‘fighters’ in Somalia. I checked my calendar and I could not find an international solidarity day for the Somalian people and there are innocent who die every day.

Five years after the strike to Afghanistan, the Taliban are back. The people who thought that they could taste freedom are back to the same regime. Girls cannot get an education, music is silenced again and fear is everywhere; one wrong move is enough to be killed. This wrong move can be anything from humming a song to whispering the word 'freedom'.

In the last Olympics, after a long time, the Afghan team had two women athletes. Both of them didn’t do much in the games, but the whole world was proud for them to be there and participate, after all this is the spirit of the Olympic Games. Do you know what happened to them? One of them lives permanently abroad, she cannot return, and the other was murdered because she was wearing shorts in the games and not the whole veil and burka. Again the innocent die. Again I checked my calendar for an international solidarity day for the Afghans and found nothing.

I could continue with Sudan, Rwanda – who told you that everything is over in that poor African country? – Congo, Nepal, Chechnya and so many more. The point is that there is no day for their solidarity, why? Did they lack a Yaser? Should they have exported their violence for us to show them our solidarity? I don’t know any more. I don’t know what’s the use of these ‘solidarity’ days when there are 30,000 kids dying every single day.

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