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Mobiles and salsa moves
by Carlos Eyl
2006-12-01 10:48:14
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It all started two months ago when my current mobile phone suddenly couldn’t totally charge its battery. In today’s world, it’s just not acceptable for anyone not to be available 24-7, especially in the construction business which is where I work.

Unfortunately your missed calls from work and clients do not amount to the hundred percent of personalities waiting to reach you; your social life is also in danger! I haven’t been able to go out on a single date in months and, when I do, its usually two or three dates at a time that make me happy when seeking some fresh air at the weekends.

It had been a long week of hard work in front of the computer and drawing tables, preparing estimates for the new projects we are expecting for this coming year. Although I work with two young and attractive female architects, barely in their twenties, I manage to concentrate during my working hours.

A typical day may be composed of an early morning rush to work on a road full of poisonous traffic, which if nonexistent I probably would make it in five minutes to my office. Having one out of ten calls to be an invitation to go out on a weekend is to be considered more than the average, but this hasn’t been an obstacle to keep the swing swinging and the giggle giggling.

Cuban dancing can be so contagious that even on a moody day I end up moving my salsa. I had never been on a dance floor comparable to Miami’s Sabado Gigante latin show. It was really inspiring to have gone to this Cuban bar which I was unaware of its existence just a couple of streets away from my work place. As surprising as it may be, the best dancer was a Russian woman, who I have been told resides in my city not just teaching salsa but pilates as well.

As we headed back home, after an outstanding night of passionate salsa moves, my phone died on me. It became a nightmare as the days passed and I was unable to reach anyone, anyone at all. I won’t lie, it got me ever more concentrated on my tasks as never before, but I missed a call for a date for more swinging and giggling.

Now it has been a week since I have been enjoying my new phone, but hey, its really full of gadgets to explore, almost as pleasant as the salsa moves.

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