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King Abdullah's warning
by Thanos Kalamidas
2006-11-29 10:11:44
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Jordan's King Abdullah stated that conflicts in Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine could spin out of control. He avoided mentioning Israel, since he has a pro-Palestinian attitude, but it was very cleverly put. If events continue to run their course, with all the players involved, from Egypt to Syria and from the other side Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah who have become protagonists in this game, a war is not easily avoided.

King Abdullah's primary concern is Jordan, which will find itself once more in the center of the conflict sharing the destiny of Lebanon in becoming a battlefield. The fact that he invited the American administration and the Iraqi Prime Minister for talks in Jordan is one thing, but the fact they both accepted without any hesitation is the important part.

This signals that they both, especially the USA, realize that the problem is dangerously escalating and the only way out is to cooperate with other Arab countries. Jordan is a good beginning, since any other side has certain interests and priorities, furthermore it will be easier to start with Jordan than with Iran and Syria, as Tony Blair suggested.

King Abdullah also attempted to move the focus from Israel to the Palestinians. He has long realized that when he talks about the Israel Palestinian conflict the Americans think they have a very powerful ally in the right place and European have to deal with their guilt.

Separating, however difficult it sounds, Israel from the Palestinians is the only thing left is a desperate nation without a land, suffering from unemployment, no education, no health services and moving around. Most of all, the pictures of the dead kids are breathtaking and that’s what King Abdullah wants to remind.

King Abdullah knows very well what he’s doing. After all, when you hear him you think that you hear an Oxford graduate rather than an Arab monarch. If this meeting will succeed and that depends a lot on the American administration more will follow and perhaps in the end we will see Syria, Iran and Israel dragged to the same table ready to seriously negotiate and ready to make compromises.

In the end, this will work better for any American administration since it is difficult for any Arab to trust agreements that have been signed in the American president’s holiday residence, Camp David.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehmud Olmert, feeling the change in a major policy speech a day after King Abdullah’s interview, said that he hopes to revive long-stalled peace efforts with the Palestinians at least as a ceasefire takes place in the Gaza Strip. Of course, the Palestinians answered straight away commenting that talks should resume immediately adding the word 'unconditionally' - obviously feeling that for the first time after the death of Yaser Arafat the international community feels the necessity to invite them as equals and as part of the solution.

I think this last word is the key word: it is about time for all of them to forget who caused the problem and find a solution to the situation as it has become now and let the historians of the future to find out how and why everything started.

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Ergotelina2006-11-28 12:10:17
Now in Christmas War is Forbidden...
Is he a prophet?...
I bet nothing will be done
except from usual regional conflicts

Let them pray in Bethlehem..

Oh, it is in Palestine,by the way..

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