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Cashing terror
by Thanos Kalamidas
2006-11-25 11:04:06
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It is a fact that the Americans and the rest of the world will live with the nightmare of 9-11 for a long time, including all the changes and awareness it brought. It is true that a lot of people will cash in on their involvement with the events in the best way and it is definite that the ones who will gain the most are politicians, with the biggest example being a second term to George W. Bush.

However cruel the truth may sound, nothing helped more George W. Bush’s career than Bin Laden. Yet it seems that he’s not going to be the last one, on the contrary, it seems that he opened the gates for others to cash in on their involvement. No other name was heard more during and after the events than former New York mayor, Rudy Giuliani.

So the former NY mayor took the first step in seeking the Republican nomination for president in 2008 by setting up a presidential exploration committee. Let the games begin.

The other name often heard, especially in case Hillary Clinton finalizes her will to be the candidate for the Democratic Party, is the Secretary of State Mrs. Condoleezza Rice. In this case, Mr. Giuliani has something else that puts him in front: his non-involvement with Iraq. Mrs. Rice will have to deal with some serious questions during her campaign, since the invasion of Iraq is partly her work when she was National Security Advisor.

The Democratic Party from the other side will have to deal with a tough opponent. Mr. Giuliani did something that very, very few other American politicians have managed till now, he became accepted from the citizens of N.Y., from all the parties, and, furthermore, he became popular in the stronghold of the Democrats, neurotic N.Y. and he will definitely cash in on that. The Republican Party is not blind. They can feel Mr. Giuliani’s popularity despite some objections inside the party.

The Democrats for their part are just waiting. The first test for Mr. Giuliani will be the fundraising and then his popularity has been tested only in NY; there is a big country outside NY.

Hilary now has to deal with Senator Barack Obama’s popularity and here is another one who’s going to make use of the Iraqi war and his loud opposition to it. Obama was not a Senator, yet when Congress voted to authorize the use of force he spoke against it as a Senate candidate that year. From her side, Hilary totally supported it and the truth is that later she kept pretty quiet. Mayor Giuliani just kept away and, as he often said, he took care of his city.

2007 is definitely going to be a very interesting year for USA politics and the only thing Mr. Guiliani should wish for is that George W. Bush will keep quiet and not try to help him. After all, that’s the difficult task for the former mayor, to separate himself from the president.

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