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by Asa Butcher
2006-11-25 11:04:01
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The European Parliament has given its backing to a directive banning old-fashioned mercury thermometers.

First Pluto, now mercury!


Ethiopia has made preparations for a conflict with the Islamists who control much of southern Somalia, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has told MPs.

Will Bob Geldolf be re-releasing 'Do They Know It's Christmas' again?


New Line Cinema has announced that it has dropped Peter Jackson as director of The Hobbit.

It can't be true. It must be a nightmare. I wish I'd just be Tolkien in my sleep.


Mexican President Vicente Fox has inaugurated a giant telescope that could help scientists uncover clues about the creation of the universe.

I wonder if it is as big as the one the Americans use to spot Mexicans sneaking over the border.


Toshiba has developed a printer that uses plastic "paper" that can be re-used hundreds of times.

I bet plastic will make paper planes incredibly aerodynamic, although it may just take somebody's eye out.


Take That have performed a special gig at the famous Abbey Road studios in London for just 300 fans.

Originally, the concert was planned for the Royal Albert Hall, but only 300 people bought tickets so it was moved to a more intimate venue.


Actors and writers have been paying tribute to Robert Altman, who died of complications related to cancer.

He shall be sorely missed.


A Russian cosmonaut has made golfing history by firing a tee shot from a precarious perch outside the International Space Station (ISS).

NASA is now launching their own range of plus-fours for astronauts, including suits in garish tartan colours.


The Catholic Church is due to discuss the use of condoms to fight Aids at a conference on infectious diseases opening at the Vatican.

Also on the agenda is blaspheming during intercourse…Oh God! Yes!


Retailers have expressed relief at a European Court ruling against allowing consumers to buy drinks and cigarettes online at lower duties from abroad.

Drink surfing will only cause your computer to crash.


The National Bureau of Investigations has arrested a second Finn who served as a peacekeeper in Afghanistan on suspicion of accepting bribes.

Since it happened outside of Finland, does it count towards Afghanistan's corruption standing?


Ian Fleming's James Bond is back in Casino Royale, now in cinemas. Daniel Craig plays the legendary secret agent at the start of his career, before he has earned his "double-O" status.

I just hope they don't go back any further. James Bond at nursery school just doesn't sound that exciting.


Forbes have released their annual Fictional 15, a listing of fiction's very wealthiest. This year's selection includes a duck, a wizard, a Nigerian prince and even a plumber.

Words fail me.


Nominations have now closed for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award.

Did you vote? Do you care? It doesn't matter because golfer Darren Clarke will win it for his Ryder Cup emotions, although the Russian cosmonaut now has a chance.


Egypt's top Muslim clerics have attempted to distance Islam from the practice of female genital mutilation, saying the religion does not need it.

It is great to see some religious leaders taking a stand. Islam desperately needs some good PR.


How many people are on your Christmas card list?

Too many!

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