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The destiny of a family
by Thanos Kalamidas
2006-11-24 10:09:06
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The involvement of the Syrian regime in Lebanon is uncontrollable and it goes as far to kill a minister. Of course, following its usual policy the Syrian regime has already stated that they have nothing to do with the murder, but it is like crying wolf.

For decades, every single death in Lebanon, especially involving a Christian leader, has had Syria behind. It's nothing to do with religion anymore, it's just because the Christians have been louder anti-Syrians and, oddly enough, last week the British prime minister called upon Syria to help solve the Iraq problem.

The Lebanese prime minister said that killings like that would not intimidate the country adding, "Assassinations will not terrorise us." Really? How many more Gemayel are still living in Lebanon? Or have the Syrians killed them all?

This last comment might sound extreme and very bitter but it is true. Back in the '80s I met the late president’s Gemayel grand-daughter in Paris and the young girl was terrified looking all the time for Syrians who would be after her. And only that fear was like forcing her to take a stand and perhaps become a martyr.

And no, I cannot understand the Lebanese prime minister, there is a murderer in the neighborhood and they know who it is, they actually point at the killer, then they have to do something. First of all Hezbollah has to discard every connection to Syria, they are supposed to fight for the good of the Lebanese people, not for the dominion of a dictatorship in the countries around. Otherwise they look like participants in the crime.

Then the international community must be more active. It's not enough to condemn the Syrian regime and its actions, they must act. There are already too many defenseless countries; it is about time to start doing something. Lebanon has been used enough of a battlefield between Israel and Syria, and has had enough of five decades of death.

And last Syria herself. After so many years balancing between legality and illegality of supporting anybody who’s going against Israel, suddenly they lost control but they are still blamed for everything. It's not easy for the regime to denounce all these groups that they have been supporting, defending and backing up for so many years. The problem is that a lot of these groups lost their cause and the only thing they can see is death and detraction. The habit for the regime became real life and the pawns became players that influence the destiny of the country.

Pierre Gemayel was minister of industry, member of the Phalange party and son of the former president Amin Gemayel. How would any European country act if their industry minister had been assassinated? Especially if that European country knew that the murderer had got orders form a neighbor country? Would a condemnation be enough? I’m sure not.

I’m sorry to ask again but how many more Gemayel we need to understand that something must be done quickly? Further more, how many members of the family that has connected its destiny with Lebanon are left?

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