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by David Sparenberg
2013-12-21 11:39:19
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Because we are compromised people
because we are a people
of the civilization of addictions and betrayal
because we are
of the society of greed
of the age of junk
of the age of corruption
of the age
of consequences and extinctions

overstuffed, rootless, breathless, of things
invasive and without life

our impurity violates the primitive purity of Earth and we are in need of forgiveness from the Spirit of the Earth

our impurity violates the purity of angels and we are in need of forgiveness from the angels of personal guidance and the angels of cosmic maintenance

the violent seeking forgiveness from
Ancient Elementals
of air
of the winds
the trees
the waters
the stones
the lands
the flora
and the fauna

our impurity…

our impurity violates the purity of Holy Spirit and we are in need (in a hemorrhaging urgency shared with Spirit) of atonement within, before and between the purity and otherness of Spirit

our impurity
which convolutes
into defining us…

our impurity violates the purity of our personal and collective souls and we are in need of purgation
and welcoming back our souls, back into bodies and communities, and back into the center of life

our impurity violates the purity of children, both human and transhuman, and we are in need of forgiveness and playfulness and imagination and honesty and protection, of love’s sacred hoop, in the primal agape of protection, encircling children present and children yet to come.
Because we are in need
and time shortens as
shadows lengthen
there needs to be
no division
between word and walking
between prayer and healing
between the fall of a sparrow
and the bud
of a perfumed rose.

David Sparenberg
30 November 2013


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Emanuel Paparella2013-12-21 20:58:56
Indeed, civilizations and whole nations are at times in need of purgation. G.K. Chesterton in one of his books mentions that it took a thousand years or so of purgation (from the fall of the Roman Empire to the beginning of the Renaissance) for Western Civilization to cleanse itself of the filth of the times of Nero and Caligula. Some misguided scholars blame Christianity for the demise of the Roman Empire. The opposite is true. It was Christianity that taught that excesses lead to downfall and that what is needed after a downfall is purgation. This uncannily similar to what is going on as we speak.

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