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Arise, All Souls ! All Nations! Arise to the Song of the Phoenix!
by Leah Sellers
2013-12-12 11:55:09
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President Obama, sir, I heard the Vibratory Inspiration of Nelson Mandela, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, and other Great Human Beings akin to them, in the Resonating Voice of your Sacred Soul embodied within your Words, Hopes and EnVisionings for America’s Future, and the World’s Future in 2004.
That same Voice of the Sacred Soul, through Adversity, and the Learning Processes only severe Adversity can bring to us, has wisely deepened and broadened.  That same Voice of the Sacred Soul is still very much a part of you, Sir.  And through it, and many more Voices like it, Africa’s Noble Mandela’s Sacred Soul’s Song will Live on and Forever Thrive and Soar.
Arise, All Souls !  All Nations !  Arise to the Song of the Phoenix !
Every single moment of every single day there exists a Singing, Innervating Phoenix within each and every One of Us.
During and throughout every Thing and every Deed We Do - Action We Make or Take - a Phoenix Sings its undulating Song of Fiery Flight and inevitable Fall to Ash within Us All.
Our inner Phoenix is filled with the Flaming Living Waters of Redemption and Exultation !
Our Phoenix Voice - Our Heart, Mind and Soul Song is an atomic strand of Life Giving Magic (unknown Science), Known Science and Art.  Its Essential Energetic Rhythms and Lyrical Melodies are Transmutational, Transfigurative, Inspirational, Transformational Solo and Symphonic Cosmic Waves of Universal Consciousness, Longings, Strivings, Manifestations, and Multiple Realities.
Our Inner Phoenix arises in glorious Flight to Create, Innovate and Rejuvenate New Beginnings all the while Realizing and Knowing that it will ultimately Fall to Ash and Ruin.  Only to Rise again - Fall again in an inescapably eternal Cycle of Life and Death - ReNewal and BurnOut.
That is why Forgiveness, Compassion, Wisdom and the Ownership and Responsibilities inherent within an Honest and Sincere Apology are so important to Humanity.  They Breathe Life into Our Inner Phoenixes.  They awaken Our Atomic Eternal Flames !  They Save Us - Redeem Us - Independently and Collectively again, and again and again.
Within every Mis-Taking or Mis-Making, every damaging Lost Opportunity or Moment of Ruination Lives Our Independent - Our Collective Phoenix.  Ready to take Transformative Flight !  Ready to dive into Transmutational Ashes.  Ashes - the fertile Cosmic Dust which gives Birth and Re-Birth to the Phoenix within - again, and again and again.
All Human Beings have this Wondrous and Rejuvenating capacity of Formation and Transformation.  Of the Realization, negative and positive, of the multitudes of Redemptions and Salvations within Us.
We have but to Call upon it !  Embrace it !  Activate it !
Independently and Collectively, the Phoenix will take Flight !
The Phoenix within All Human Beings is the Atomic Eternal Flame of the Divine within Us, and Our Potentialities and Capacities to Manifest that Flame of Divinity within the World beneath Our feet.
Recognize it ! Expound upon and Expand it !  The Atomic Eternal Flame of the Phoenix within each and every Living Creature is capable of Greatness - is the Key - the PathWay/GateWay (Flight Way) to Our Higher Self-hood and Higher Other-hood.
Each of Us - the Whole of Humanity is the Question and Answer for the Future.
Look deeply into Your Self - YourSelves for Your Higher Self !  Look deeply into Your Futures for Your Higher Futures !  Come Together !  Think Together !  Innovate, Create, Inspire and Rejuvenate Together !
We Can Do It !
The Phoenix Within us All Can Do It !
Find Belief in YourSelves !  Look for It !  Find it !  Feel it !  Think it !  Incorporate it !  Feel and Think about the Force and Power of Belief within You !
Your Phoenix of Belief can and will Make a difference.  Will Make you different.
Find Belief in Others !  Look hard !  Look Deep !  Find it !  Feel it !  Think it !  Incorporate it !  Feel and Think about the Force and Power of Others within You - Working, Creating, Inspiring, Innovating and Rejuvenating with-in and with-out of You !
We Can Do it !
The Phoenix Within Us All Can Do It !
Liberty for All, Equality for All, Human Rights and Justice for All, Healthy Economies and Governments for All can be Birthed, Nurtured and Sustained in Today’s World - in Tomorrow’s Futures.
Our Higher Selves - Our Fiery Phoenixes within can and will hold Humanity’s bestial, reactive, murderous, destructive, wholly narcissistic and predatory Selves at bay.
Call upon your Inner Phoenix !  Embrace, Activate and Motivate your Inner Phoenix !  Your Inner Divinity !  Fly in the Face of Fear and Fear Mongering !
With every stroke of Your Inner Phoenix’s Wings You - We - Innovate !  Create ! 
Inspire !  Rejuvenate !  And Sing Our Divinity into Existence !

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