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Let's hear it for Pudsey
by Clint Wayne
2006-11-22 10:01:23
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For you non-Brits, Pudsey is the little bandaged Teddy Bear and BBC Mascot for their annual Children in Need Telethon, which once again hit the TV screens last Friday. It is the only event in the BBC calendar that brings together all their networks and what a worthwhile cause it is proceeding Universal Children's Day.

Fronted this year once again by the immaculate Irish brogue of presenter Terry Wogan, of Eurovision fame, and supported by the stunningly gorgeous newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky and Fearne Cotton, the show was a seven-hour extravaganza of music and comedy, but, most importantly, of all the heart-wrenching video stories of the children who have benefited from past appeals.

From the little seven-year-old girl beaten and terrorised by her own father to the family units that support young cancer victims, there were numerous tales of despair and hardship. However, there were also tales of fantastic courage urging the generous British Public to dig deep into their pockets, which of course they did, raising more than £18 million (25 million Euros) on the night, which generally doubles once all the money is counted and every penny goes to children.

The show kicked off with the young energetic boy band McFly, followed by performances from numerous other top artistes, such as Girls Aloud, All Saints, Keane, Nelly Furtado, Ronan Keating, Jamiroquai, Peter Andre and wife Jordan. Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton performed Petula Clark's 1964 hit 'Downtown', which is the official single release with all proceeds going to the Children in Need Appeal.

Interspersed with the presentation of donations both large and small from the huge corporate companies to the little old lady donating her pension, all with their own personal tales of how they raised their donation, it made for a warm and sometimes humbling TV viewing and without a Reality Show in sight.

The viewing public were also treated to a musical performance of 'Doh a Deer' from Connie Fisher, the star of the new West End Musical The Sound of Music, and the hugely awaited annual highlight performance from the BBC Newsreaders. This year they shed all their stuffiness and inhibitions in a riotous tribute to the classic James Bond movies. From Huw Edward's 'Blofeld' to seeing the delectable Fiona Bruce in her body-hugging Goldfinger outfit throwing the villains around the stage must have sent every middle-aged man's heart a pounding.

In these days, when it is the normality to knock one's country, it was utterly refreshing to see the British Public from the smallest children to the Armed Forces take to the streets, mostly in hilarious Fancy-Dress, carrying out absolutely ludicrous events, having a great time and all for charity.

There are some that say that this should not be the case and that governments should provide, which may be true, but what better way than to spend one day a year being utterly stupid just to bring a smile to a little one's face. Well done the BBC.


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Richard2006-11-21 20:43:32
Terry Wogan, of Eurovision fame?? Did he not do radio and some chat shows before that???

Asa2006-11-21 20:56:33
And before that was 'The Floral Dance' single.

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