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A Damaged Goods Offering to the Abominable HealthCare System in Texas
by Leah Sellers
2013-11-25 09:45:50
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That’s right folks !  I’m Standing my Ground !  Declarin’ my Right as an American Citizen, and a Citizen of this beautiful, blue-green gemstone of a Planet, Earth to Healing.  To Affordable and Ethical, Just and Fair HealthCare when stricken with Malady or State of Brokenness of any kind - any sort - any type - any category - any form !

Yep, the Pain I’ve been left to wrangle with by the dysfunctional and litigiously chained and weighted (toward the Insurance Companies and not the Patients seeking Healing) Workers Compensation Insurance System  of Texas for almost eight years now, is finally Killing me.

health01_400Yep, I Feel it.  At a cellular level, I Feel it.  The Strong parts of my Body that have been compensating for the Broken and Damaged parts of my Body are weakening.  And my Pain levels have dangerously escalated to points that more frequently force me to bed, where I still find no reprieve or cessation from Pain, and only fitfully rest and or sleep.

At times, because of the malignant nature of incessant Pain, my blood pressure, which used to normally be 100 over 60, at time Sky Rockets to 170 over 98.  Just call me Spindle Top !

Yep, I can be a stubborn Irish-English-German-Texan-American Lady.  Especially, when I feel deeply wronged - UnEthically and ImMorally Wronged.

I gave up on the Workers Compensation’s Insurance System of Texas’ Endless Hearings, and the Doctors trying to pump enough Pain-Pill Cocktails into me to keep me doped up, sleepy-headed, knocked-out and Silent.

The first four to six months, I was a Good Girl, and took every Pain-Pill Cocktail their specialized Pain-Doctors prescribed for me. Then, one day I finally Woke Up, and decided to titrate myself off of all of them, because I needed to be able to Think - to Function - to get back to some kind of Work in order to support myself. 

Yes, I am a single Irish-English-German-Texan-American Lady.  Living in an Economic System that is kind to Couples, but not to Singles. Particularly not Broken Down or Damaged Goods Singles (sigh).

While wrangling with my On the Job Injuries to my back and left hip, and the constant Pain these damaged and Broken Down areas cause me on a daily basis, I also UnExpectedly struggled with and through the Worker Compensation’s Insurance System of Texas’ Endless Hearings (which they are quite fond of, and that everyone else in the now dysfunctional WC Insurance System of Texas is getting paid to attend and perpetuate) in order to get the real surgeries, treatments and procedures that would actually Heal Me - Fix Me.  So, that I could merrily continue to go on my usual busy little way, and they could merrily continue theirs.

Yep, I started off with an assigned WC State Ombudsman who was actually helpful, and made the Opposing Insurance Company’s very highly paid Lawyer take responsibility for the damage done to my hip, but then she got transferred before we could get to the issues with my back included, and I got handed over to another WC State Ombudsman who was always reminding me, “Now, ReMember, I’m not a Lawyer.”  And the wind which had been put in my sails toward Healing got stalled.

So, I went into every Endless Hearing DeFlated and DeMoralized as we (the "Now, ReMember, I'm not a Lawyer" WC State Ombudsman and myself) sat across the Bargaining Table from the Insurance Company’s very highly paid Lawyer, who was very good at setting up further stalling tactics, and more and more Future Endless Hearings for this technicality or that hoop to jump through, before we all got together again for one more of their Endless Hearings.

Thusly, I finally decided to get my own Lawyer.  A gentleman recommended to me by yet another Lawyer.
I met with this Lawyer’s Paralegal Assistants four times before the next scheduled Endless Hearing.  At all of these congenial meetings, I never laid eyes on my Lawyer.  That made me nervous.  But hey, I was told that was a common practice with Folks who were not able to pay Top Dollar, but were Sliding Scale.  So, I shrugged, and accepted my just desserts, for being less deserving than Others with more money to spend.

When I arrived at the Workers Compensation’s Office for the Endless Hearing, I was greeted in the Waiting Room (where they understandably have a sign stating that it is against the Law to have a Gun on the premises) by an unkempt, less than gentle-man, in a wrinkled shirt, who needed a shave, was bleary-eyed, and smelled of whiskey.  He was laughing and bragging to everyone in the Waiting Room (including the opposing very highly paid Insurance Lawyer) that he had ‘just gotten off of the plane from a three day romp in Las Vegas.’  Ha ha !  Hee-hee !

For some odd reason I immediately developed a queasy stomach.  However, I leadenly followed everyone into the Endless Hearing Room, where I got to watch the very highly paid Insurance Lawyer gladiatorially eat my pseudo-drunken Sliding Scale Lawyer’s lunch at My Expense.  I felt like up-chucking for the both of us, but fortunately, Held My Ground (and my breakfast).

Yep, and I got to Listen to the very highly paid Insurance Company’s Lawyer set up even more technicality ploys and delays, and hoops to jump through, and more and more Endless Hearings for my withering Future.

So, I threw up my hands, paid but never spoke to the pseudo-drunken Lawyer again, and went back to seeking help from the “Now, ReMemeber, I’m not a Lawyer,” WC State Ombudsman furnished by the dysfunctional Workers Compensation Insurance System to Guide me through the NonSensical WC Labyrinth.

I kept wondering, who is Guiding whom, and to what Purpose ?

In the meantime, I was sent to five or six different State Designated Doctors for lengthy tests so that the Insurance Company (and the State of Texas) could have me bumped out of the NonSensical and dysfunctional WC Insurance System and to the Curb for Damaged Goods the Insurance Companies would rather not have to pay to Heal.  I was being too persevering for them.  I had become a Pain in their Behinds.  But after all of the hours of testing were done, the State Designated Doctors didn’t do what was expected of them.  In fact, one of them actually gave me a thirteen to fifteen percent DisAbility Rating.

I think that they were hoping that I would just go on DisAbility and Social Security, Be Quiet, and Walk Away.  But I do not want to be labeled DisAbled.  Those monies Need to spent on Healing our Veterans who come back Home with no Arms, no Legs, Blind, Deaf, badly Burned or Psychologically Damaged.  Thsoe monies Need to be spent on Folks who can truly no longer Help ThemSelves for whatever Dis-eased Reasonings or Maladies.  I'm still partially Functional, and have the stubborn, persevering Strength of Will (at present) to continue to Carry On.

I wanted and Needed to be Healed !  I want and Need to be Fixed !  I want and Need my busy, active and for the most part, Pain-Free Life returned to me !

I wanted, and presently still Need a Better and Brighter Future for myself.  Not the tawdry, lack luster, Broken Down and Pain-filled, Damaged Goods Future they were pawning, and have ultimately pawned off onto me.

So, I went to another Lawyer.  Not a Worker Compensation Lawyer, but a Civil Suit Lawyer, who decided to take my case pro-bono. Against an onslaught of well meaning recommendations, I did not want to sue the Guardians of the High School Student who accidentally injured me. They had taken my Student off the streets of Mexico, and adopted him, handicaps and all, as their own. They are Noble and Loving Folks. 

I did not want to sue the School System, because those Tax Monies Need to be spent toward the Betterment of the Community’s Children.  However, I was angry with the UnEthical and ImMoral Behaviors of the Insurance Company, and had decided to sue them for all of the Medical Expenses for the length of time that it would take to Heal Me - to Fix Me.

After four meetings with the Limberger (alias) Law Firm’s Lawyer, and his finally understanding that I really was now decimated financially due to the UnAmerican UnAffordable UnHealthCare’s HealthCare System, and had No Money to give to their Law Firm upfront, he was honest with me.

He guardedly let me know that the Case would take too long a time and too much money for them to want to take it on.  He even tried to pawn me off onto another Workers Compensation Lawyer that he highly recommended.

Since my whiz-bang experience with my first disheveled, pseudo-drunken Workers Compensation Lawyer, I said, “No thanks,” and droopily shrugging my shoulders, quietly Walked Away.

I still need to go by the Limberger Law Firm to pick up my thick paper Case File, but Work and lack of Energy have gotten in the way of my accomplishing that task.  Oh well (shrug).

Throughout these almost eight years, my Life has gradually shrunk down to the bare bones.  Work, Rest and restless Sleep.
The fact, that the Folks I Work for each day, and my Family, really Need my Help and Companionship continues to make me Force myself to Get Up and Move Around and Through every day.  My Folks are just as important to me as I am to them.  And I try to let them Know and Feel that Gratitude every moment I am with them.

Because of the State of Damaged Goods Brokenness and Pain that the State of Texas, and their dysfunctional WC Insurance System has decided to leave me in, I have to Save all of my Energy for the Work I do to help others, and in so doing, help to support myself.

All I seek at the end of each Work day is Rest and Quiet in my cozy little Place with my sweet and cozy Pets - ha !  I have no Energy left for any of the Other Friendships, Social Events and Activities I used to enjoy and be immersed within.

I have reached a critical point.  I am truly worsening to such an extent that I am worried about how much longer I can hold out and hold on.  And so, this Irish-English-German-Texan-American Lady is continuing to Speak Out for myself and millions of Others on the sidelines awaiting Proper, Ethical and Affordable HealthCare.

In fact, the only Good Thing that has come out of these Injuries, Pain and Suffering is a deepening of my Faith, my Empathies, Overall Understandings, and Meditational (Prayer) Practices.  All of which (along with some Herbal Remedies) have helped to keep me up and moving each and every day.  And being Forced to slow down and truly Be Still has allowed me the Time and Motivation to Write again.

Yep, Folks, say what you will about the botched-up or glitched-up roll-outs of the Affordable (Health) Care Act.  I'm not Buying it, because an Experimental WebSite that needs time to be repaired (Healed) is not what’s really important.  What’s really important is the successful Implementation of ACA Nationwide - All-States-Wide.

What's really Important is making HealthCare accessible to All Americans.

Republican’s and Tea Partiers, who have never wanted the ACA to work or survive, because they are in the pockets of the greedy Money Changers and Professional air-wave and boob tube Prevaricators, and don’t want the government they have been elected and paid to Work for to Work at all.  And those Citizens who are petulantly grousing about the many inconveniences and delays involved with having to change over to Insurance Policies that actually take Better Care of all of their present and future HealthCare Needs.  Stop cursing President Obama.  Stop applauding his, and his Staff’s trip ups and fumbles as they work hard to Improve the Quality of Life for All Americans.

Folks, We are all fallible.  We all make Mis-takes.

When you Curse the President, you Curse the Nation.  When you Curse the Nation, you Curse the Nation’s People.  Dark Energies beget Dark Energies.

Bless the President, you Bless the Nation.  Bless the nation, You Bless the People.  Light Energies beget Light Energies.

Give Our President Light Energies, and the Social Laws he has helped to create and pass through Congress to help His American People Move Forward your Best Wishes, Hopes and Efforts towards Success.  Do that, and watch the Whole Nation Change for the Better.  United, We Stand Our Ground.  Divided, We are but Purposeless and Meaningless chaff in the Wind.

We’ve got millions of Folks in Texas and all over the United States of America desperately in Need of Just and Fair, Ethical and Affordable Healing (despite the fact that Rick Perry has refused to expand the MediCare System in Texas which would make it more Accessible to millions of presently UnInsured Texans) ! Be that as it may, Let’s Get ’Er Done, AnyWay ! 

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