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Superpowers and ants
by Thanos Kalamidas
2006-11-23 10:12:15
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USA is a superpower; even Russia could be labeled a superpower. You can add to that France, Germany and the UK, definitely China, maybe India and South Africa, plus a few more countries around the globe. There are many things that make these countries superpowers and there are many ways in that their behavior and attitude verifies this title.

Most importantly, these countries can negotiate and lead negotiation, except that these countries have the power to lead international organizations like the UN, the Security Council, International Bank and even the international court - in some cases they are even the founders of these organizations.

The international court is a brilliant example of what a superpower is made of. Over the last few years, the USA keeps kicking Serbia around, demanding the Serbian government to hand over war criminals to the international court. This kicking around is precisely why Serbia can't do anything but obey. They would love to apply for EU membership, they would love to see commercial negotiations with other countries, but they are just down to nothing since the US expects them to do something about the international court. The irony? The US is not even part of the international court because it is afraid that even members of the administration will have to face charges for a series of crimes.

Irony? No, that's the wrong word, that's what makes them a superpower. Israel demolishes Lebanon, one hundred and fifty countries say that we must stop Israel for good, USA says nope – everybody stops. That’s what makes them a superpower. You don’t like the example of the USA? Let’s get to good old Putin, who didn’t like what Georgia said, so he stopped their commerce and Georgia is back begging. There are a few more examples, such as France, Germany, China and UK, but the common factor of them all is their international acceptance as a superpower and their ability to use this force when it suits them.

Germany suffered while going through the unification period with East Germany. Unemployment rose sky-high, even inflation appeared after decades, but Germany is a financial center in Europe, an industrial international stronghold. The nineties weren’t the best of the times for Paris, but who can doubt France? And, of course, the UK will probably need a few years to recover from Tony Blair, but does anybody think that this will lessen the UK as a superpower? If you have any doubts ask Argentina. If there are 160 countries on this globe, these countries have active interests in 165! The five extra are countries that will be created in the next ten years and we have no idea about it.

And then along comes Turkey, who suspends all military cooperation with France! The ant says to the elephant, be careful I will hurt you! Really? So now France cannot have military exercises in the port of Istanbul with the Turkish army. What else were they doing, computer games or action simulators? What was the excuse? It is a protest at a bill passed by the French National Assembly to make it a crime to deny the Armenian genocide!

Sorry I laugh, but I cannot stop myself. Regarding the Armenian genocide and its history, a Turkish general is the most unsuited person to talk about it. There are historians for this job and everybody has acknowledged their evidence, only the historians paid by the Turkish state don’t agree with the occurrence of the genocide. The rest do believe that genocide took place in Turkey at the beginning of the century, so obviously that’s not the issue. But what is the issue that will make a general play these puppet games? Don’t forget, this is Turkey, the inner state has the power and it is a military dictatorship.

EU membership, that’s all! And France has shown that it is not happy with Turkey joining the EU. Actually, not many are happy but France, Austria, Belgium and Germany were the loudest ones, and, just like a spoiled brat, Turkey is going after France. They would never dare do the same with Germany, since three million Turkish immigrants live in Germany, German tourists are the biggest income of the Turkish tourism and never forget money and military help. Austria? You must be joking; hitting Austria is like hitting Germany, so back off! Belgium? They are the center of NATO and the EU, so no bloody way! Except that you never know if the Americans will appreciate all that and don’t forget that Turkish generals love kissing American ass.

Who is left? France, somebody the Americans don’t appreciate so much in Europe, for many reasons, but this is a different conversation. Turkey did it. They suspended all military acts with France. By the way, France is one of the founders of NATO, an alliance Turkey values a lot; France is a permanent member on the Security Council and a number other organizations that Turkey needs.

However, even that wasn’t enough to make Turkey take a decision like that. It was because France is treating Cyprus as an equal member inside an alliance where Cyprus is a full member and Turkey begs a candidacy. France signs an agreement with Cyprus at the beginning of the summer for mutual army exercises and exchange of information. Turkey doesn’t like that, since Turkey is the only country in the world that doesn’t recognize Cyprus as an independent country, yet still wants to be a member of a club where Cyprus is a full and active member; so, what do they do? They threaten the elephant. I mean this is the attitude of an elephant not an ant.

These generals who rule ‘democratic’ Turkey are obviously so sloppy of their own nationalistic Turkish-centered propaganda that they believe it themselves and they think that they have become a superpower. So let’s see how a real superpower will react to these threats! You never know, Turkey might get a lesson!

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