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Hobby Horsin' Around
by Leah Sellers
2013-11-03 10:23:00
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I had a Friend I haven’t seen in quite in some time ask me today, why I didn’t list my Hobbies at a business site I belong to at the behest of another Friend.
This Friend has joined me during many of my favorite Hobby Adventures.  We have Hiked and Camped out in state and national parks together with other groups of friends.  We’ve entered different Walk-a-thons, Jog-a-thons and Bike-a-thons for various Charities and Causes around the state of Texas.  We’ve been Horseback Riding and Horseback Swimming in different lakes with other groups of like-minded nature and thrill seekers.  We’ve Kayaked in various rivers around the state of Texas and in the Gulf of Mexico with other Friends.  We’ve attended many country western and rock ’n roll Dances, and Choir Dances, and Drumming Dances, and done some traveling together with Acquaintances and Friends.
My reply was rather dis-appointing.  Yes, I could and would list all of these favorite Hobbies, but UnFortunately I no longer have the pleasure of participating in any of them anymore.  Because seven years ago, the presently Dis-Torted Torte ReFormed Workers Compensation System of Texas decided that my Life was not worth the Cost it would take to RePair me after I was accidentally injured by one of my students on the job.
They were more interested in sending me to doctors who sought to DisAble me even more with pharmaceutical cocktail pain-killers, rather than allowing my doctors to perform their recommended surgical procedures aimed at genuinely Fixing and Healing me.  Oh well.  Tough break (in more ways than one).
So, I was cast upon the Societal Garbage Heap of the Expendables - the Invisibles.  Left in such steadily deteriorating health for the past seven years that I am literally, slowly DisAppearing.
There are many thousands of other Americans (and other Global Citizens) much like me, left broken down and in pain, and in creeping poverty, because we cannot or can no longer afford Proper and Expedient HealthCare, because it is Too Expensive.
Made Too Expensive for a variety of UnReasoning Reasons.  All of which are based within MisGuided and Selfishly Empowering Greed at the Careless and UnEthical expense of Others, which to its Core and DisCordant Purpose DisHonors the very Principles of Healing and what it is to Be a Healer.
That’s just one Reason that I’d like to give Ted Cruz and anyone else who is trying to destroy the Affordable (Health)Care Act, trying to Stop the millions of Americans who Need HealthCare Insurance from getting it, a one way ticket ride on a Hobby Horse out of town - out of the state - out of the country - off of this Planet, and onto another habitable Orb of their very own DisTorted and Aborted making.  But that UnMade Wish is just a new Hobby of mine.  A Hobby which does not require the pain ridden use of my crippled Body.  Just the harmless and ethereal meanderings of my Imaginatively, Creative Mind.

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