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The State of Grace is Not InExhaustible
by Leah Sellers
2013-10-16 08:33:02
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All Energy is Exhaustible.  One day our Galaxy’s Sun will TransForm into another Form of Energy - into many other Forms of Energy, Causing and Effecting/Affecting a multitude of other Galactic Energetic TransFormations, and Energetic Formations.
The State of Grace is no different.
A Human Being is simultaneously a Source and Receptacle of Energy - a multitude of Energies.  Energies surrounding us and swirling around within us in a vast array of Seen and UnSeen Energetic Forms.
The State of Grace is filled with wondrous TrasFormative Energies, and when we Choose to Engage those TransFormative Energies we Involve our own Internal and External Capacities and Abilities to Immerse OurSelves
Within the State of Grace and Manifest the State of Grace.
During this Process we Discover just how exhausting and exhaustible the State of Grace can Be without Knowledge of, and the Workings of the Energies we Need to keep the State of Grace Energized and Alive within OurSelves and within our Physical Realities (and Re-Member, all Realities are Relative, and also simultaneously static and dynamic).
Our Energies - our Attentions - our Intentions - our Attitudes - our Beliefs -
Our Ideals Energize our State of Grace or lack thereof.  It takes all of these
Energies Knowledgably Activated and Working to Place us within a State of Grace. 
It takes our Energetic Capacities and Abilities for and of Faith and Acceptance to be able to truly Surrender OurSelves to the Flow of the Energetic Patterns we Find and Experience within our State of Grace.  Our Energetic Capacities and Abilities for and of Trust to truly Accept what is shown and/or revealed, and our Energetic Capacities and Abilities for and of Surrender in order to BeCome TranFormational, TansFormed and TransFormative upon, within and through the MindScapes/LandScapes we Find OurSelves sojourning.
The State of Grace brings about Healing and greater Acceptance of our Future(s), and our Future’s TransFormations, and our further TransFormations within that Future (or those Futures).
The State of Grace is one of the most Primary Energetic Rhythms - Pulses of the Universe Cosmologically and Humanly.
The State of Grace Energizes Altered States of Awareness, and the further Development and Expansion of our Intuitive Abilities and Capacities.
The Energetic Sources and Receptacles of Prayer, Meditation and Reflection are Essential conduits to and of the State of Grace - the TransFormative Energies to and of the State of Grace.
It matters not whether the State of Grace is Thought to be exhaustible or not.  What truly matters is the Energetic Knowledge and Workings of it in order to TransForm Lives for the Better.

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