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The phony of the European democracy
by Thanos Kalamidas
2013-10-11 08:53:22
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golden01_400Ten days after the first arrest of the Greek neo-Nazi criminal gang of the Golden Dawn and during the questioning of the leadership in combination with Mari Le Pen’s latest declaration that the French FN is not a far-right, racist party but just a conservative party has given a pan-European dimension to certain questions.

But let’s start with the Greek neo-Nazi’s answers to the public prosecutor. During the questioning Nikos Michaloliakos insisted that all accusations are based in lies and politically motivated, especially the stories regarding their Nazi background. Michaloliakos and the rest of the Greek neo-Nazi leadership in military discipline all of them denied any connection wit h Nazism explaining photos and articles as mistakes of the youth.

And that when days before the arrests all of them declared their Nazi roots, saluted the Nazi way and used German Nazi songs translated in Greek for their public gatherings. When in their online “television style” daily show they promoted racism, discrimination, anti-Semitism and talk against democracy. When they are photographed with swastikas tattoos and writing articles in their friendly press and their magazine for the past glories during Hitler’s regime and future glories under the swastika. Actually they pointed out many times – all the same song in military unison like a chorus – that their founding manifest that the Greek Supreme Court has approved emphasizes their dedication to democracy.

But while they were declaring their commitment to democracy the police raiding Golden Dawn’s offices and the criminals’ houses found evidence that doesn’t really agrees with their declarations. Nazi uniforms and photos of them in Nazi uniforms. Weapons and recently written material – brochures, manifests, leaflets, articles – that totally contradicts their sayings. And finally they found the real founding manifest with their aims that every member has to memorize and vow to. A translation of the SS vow in Greek and a manifest that points that their aim is to dissolve democracy and establish a state with no immigrants, Jews, socialists, communists, unionists, gays, gypsies. Actually there are references to “subhumans” and the destiny of the Arian race. Violence is not considered violence but a tool to success and journalists are their worst enemies who will live a pogrom when they come to power. And these are just the highlights of an over hundred pages manifest.

The material the Greek police confiscated is unbelievable in both quality and quantity. But despite all that having been publicized the last few days in national newspapers magazines and televisions and it has been the focus of every conversation among Greeks all around a latest survey shown that the Golden Dawn has fallen from the 15% but it is still steady and around 7%, which guarantees entrance in the Greek parliament in the next elections and the presence of at least 12 MPs. And that despite the possibility that the party might go illegal and its leading members might end up in jail. Again according to the leadership of the neo-Nazi party in a very cynic way, they will just change name and find new front men. So simple.

So, these people without ever really hiding their real identity, aims and practices, they found their way inside parliaments and democratic institutions aiming the destruction of democracy and that while institutions like the supreme court and the electoral court obliged to protect democracy accepted them and their lies covered with politically correct masks in face value. And on top of that and despite the fact that there are no excuses any more, there is no “I didn’t know” and it is a fact that this is a criminal organization with psychotic murderers leading it, there is a 7% of the electoral population (nearly 400,000 people) and their surroundings (husbands, wives, kids and parents) who fully support them and wittingly become accomplices in their crimes.

In the beginning I mentioned Mari Le Pen. The leader of the French National Front playing a clever PR game with main tool political correctness is trying the last two years to renovate a fundamentally racist and fascist party into a conservative party. Despite the fact that except their political correct speech and some new and “clean” front-men nothing else has changed, the same criminal, violent, racist gangs with the same methods run the party the French people take Mari Le Pen in face value and they show her leading French politics, in front of conservatives and socialists.

golden03_400In Finland the True Finns are the third party and the last surveys show them strengthen themselves despite the Nazi salutes, the swastikas in the townhalls, the posts in Facebook that want immigrants, gypsies and gays to wear something to separate them from the true Finns and the meetings in boats in international waters so no public prosecutor can arrest them and accuse them for conspiring against democracy and racism. And the Finns know about all that and they are going to give them soon enough power to destroy the Finnish democracy living in the illusion that the system works and they are not going to do anything because ...they say so! All in face value.

Europe lives very dangerous times and the Golden Dawn is just the peak of the fascist iceberg. Fascist parties like the French FN and the Finnish, True Finns have invade most of the European states wearing the mask of political correct for purely legal reason and even though we all know that it is just a mask there is a percent that follows them fully aware of their real faces. So next question is: have the Europeans turn fascists?

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Emanuel Paparella2013-10-11 09:58:50
Hello Thanos, since, as things now stand, you receive and read comments that may be attached to contribution, even though they are not posted and cannot be read by the same; rather than writing another article as a comment of sort I am forwarding you this brief quick comment on your very good analysis of the present situation in the EU. There are two countries that could be included in the list of countries where neo-fascists insurgencies are growing by the day: Holland and Italy; more are sure to follow. And of course we cannot forget the US where we now have a tea-party which is contemplating secession from the Republican party which they find too liberal and democratic. When such a party is formed it will undoubtedly have a fascist face and it may then contemplate secession from the US to form its own undemocratic fascist state of pure white race. Sinclair Lewis novel was prophetic indeed: “They Say it could not Happen in America.” Think again.

Leah Sellers2013-10-11 15:04:22
Yes, Brother Thanos,
This Dis-ease is Global.
These folks are no different from the Tea Partiers who are wreaking havoc in our democracy at this very moment in time. And are threatening the stability of the Global Economies.

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